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Super Motherload 100% Saves

Download Name: Super Motherload 100% Saves  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

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Step 1: Go to New Game. Choose NORMAL. Select Ivana [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] and begin. You have almost every upgrade in the game, mostly just the ones you need. Copy the video below exactly, go all the way to the left or the right and just start drilling down. You will earn, Move Along -- Nothing to see here, Something Amiss Amidst the Abyss, and Alien Hand Syndrome.

Step 2: For the Super Motherload trophy, and Alchemical Pioneer trophy, you will do this once you reach Delta Base. You will come across 3 rows of Iron, make sure your yellow bar is empty, starting from one end to another just begin mining, once you hit 50 the trophy should pop. For Alchemical pioneer, as you begin further down you'll trigger a quest for Unobtainium. Finish the quest and Go grab a Amazonite + Lightning + Obtainium IN THAT ORDER. You'll have to look around the level for it.

Step 3: For Bloodied Hands and Destroyer of Worlds, when you reach the Core of the Planet, BACKUP YOUR SAVE.(your radar will tell you the location, you'll see a giant mass of just magma). Beat the boss and choose a planet to destroy. Reload your save that you backed up and this time don't choose either, let the timer run out.

Step 4: Do all of the above in under an hour for Efficiency Expert. Though I had experience it only took me 33 minutes my first try, if you fail that's fine because you can just back to 'New Game' choose Ivana and playthrough it again.

Step 5: Go to New Game. Select Hardcore. Choose Simulacrum You must NEVER RUN OUT OF FUEL. YOU WILL DIE AND YOUR SAVE WILL DELETE ITSELF. DO NOT EVER DIE. EVER. DO NOT COLLECT ANY ITEMS THAT ARENT ORE BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THEM FOR THE QUESTS.You have Infinite teleports, if you run low on fuel or need health or anything, select your teleport and you will safely go back. Beat the game on this mode and you got Cheat Death.
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