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Borderlands 2: The Pre Sequel: Claptastic Voyage Game Save

Download Name: Borderlands 2: The Pre Sequel: Claptastic Voyage Game Save  

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The first trophy u have to do by yourself.

Digitize Me!
Digitized into Claptrap's Brain.

Just travel to Deck 13 1/2, meet Handsome Jack and u'll get the trophy shortly after u entered the Nexus for the first time. This takes just 2-3 min.

Now to the saves:

Save 1 is for:

Smash and Not Grab
Destroyed the Tassiter Proxy.

Just go t the mission marker and shoot the walls to the left and right of the area the hologram was in to complete this event.

Save 2 is for:

Totally Recalled
Successfully recovered the Override Key.

Just go through the portal and kill the boss and u'll get the trophy after u killed him.

Save 3 is for:

Shadow Play
Gave the H-Source to Jack.


Shadow of Your Former Self
Defeated 5H4D0W-TP.

Just turn in the mission to Jack and u'll get the first trophy, right after that u get into a fight with 5H4D0W-TP
kill him to get the second trophy. the fight shouldt be to hard since u are at lvl 70 and the enemy is lvl 50.

Save 4 is for:

Wheely Fast
Outran the Wheel in the Temple of Boom.

It's Raining Cats and Hotdogs
Completed a round using the Mutator.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Experienced all 9 Game Modes and all 9 Modifiers of the Mutator.

Sociopathic Networker
Talked to all of Claptrap's Holographic Projections.

No Photographs, Please!
Killed 10 SpyBugs before they took your photo.

If u load the save u are right in the Temple of Boom mission, just do the mission and try dont to die it's really easy, if u have any questions just look at the video: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

the escape is at 07:45 .

right after that u can activate the side quest named "h4XOrz" so follow the marker and travel to "The Cortex". the sad thing is there is no fast travel station. anyway finish the mission and right after that u need to accept the new mission u get. Then choose a game mode and an modifier and do the battle. it isn't hard. if u survived the 3 rounds u'll get the trophy trophy for beat the mutator for the first time and also the trophy for beat all Game Modes and all Modifiers. i dont know why u get both trophys at the same time. it's probably a glitch.

anyway after u did evrything above u can go to "The Nexus" and just talk to one of the Claptrap's Holographic Projections and u get that trophy.

After that kill just 2-3 more of that spybugs, u can find them also in The Nexus.

In each save u just have to load up the normal mode.

I also put a profile in to that save set with 536% to all stats in it. Big thx goes to Blastery from *********. with that profile u have no problem to kill the bosses backup ur old profile or just delete it. but you must delete it from ur ps3 first DO NOT overwrite the new profile with the old one

I also made saves for EU/US region & u have to RESIGN THE SAVES BUT NOT THE PROFILE SAVE (THE PROFILE IS BLANKED OUT ALREADY) in order to use it.
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