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Borderlands 2: 36 Trophies Game Save

Download Name: Borderlands 2: 36 Trophies Game Save  

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Item description:

You can obtain 36 trophies from this 1 save (including some dlc trophies).

1. Load up save in normal mode. You will automatically receive the following achievements.
How do I Look
Blight Explorer
Arctic Explorer
Highlands Explorer
Urban Explorer
World Traveler
Not Quite Dead
Better Than You Were
Always Improving
Capped Out For Now

2. Fill your Equip slots with anything from the backpack.
You will receive: "Decked out"

3. Buy the Last eridium Upgrade from Crazy Earl
You will receive: "Better Than Money"

4. Tip Moxxi 1000 Dollars in her tip jar
You will receive "Sugar Daddy"

5. Take the picture of Moxxi out of the bank. Also, take the hybrid stuff I created as it may be needed for a later step.
You will receive: "Obsessed"

6. Fast Travel to Hero's Pass and head towards the Vault of the Warrior.
6a. Equip the hybrid class mod you removed from the bank. It adds 51 seconds to your gunzerking duration and 5.4 seconds per kill. Space out your kills and you will receive "So Much Blood"
6b. Kill everyone along the way so all of the enemies will spawn and you will have two chances to kill a constructor without it building another bot and you will receive "Build Buster"
The second one is really easy if you don't get the first one. Stand by the entrance to the Vault of the Warrior and wait for it's dropship to arrive and you can kill it before it hits the ground.
6c. Call the Moonshot then Kill Jack and receive "Cool Story Bro"
6d. Interact with the vault key in the ground to trigger the ending and receive "Went Five Rounds"

7 Exit to Eridium Blight.
Equip the purple tediore smg and get the attention of the rakks. As soon as one is coming down for the kill reload the smg while aiming at them (press "LT" and "X" in rapid succession.)
You will receive "High Flying Hurler"

8. Fast travel back to sanctuary.
Go to claptrap by the stash location, give claptrap a five and melee his hand.
You will receive "Up High Down Low

9. Fast travel to Thousand Cuts.
9a. Get one kill with the equipped singularity grenade and you will receive "Challenge Accepted"
9b. Press select and scroll over the the badass rank section of the menus and spend 25 of the tokens you've earned and receive "Token Gesture"
9c. Shoot Face McShooty in the face and turn the mission in and receive Well That Was Easy and Bounty Hunter

10. Fast Travel to The Fridge and enter Fink's Slaughterhouse
Turn in the mission to Fink and receive "Did it All"

11. Fast Travel back to Thousand Cuts.
Kill Terramophous and receive "Thresher Thrashed". I recommend using the hybrid class mod so you can gunzerk for nearly the complete battle along with the fire conference call and shredifier.

12. Fast travel to Arid Nexus Badlands
Open the chest in firestone and receive "Feels like the first time"

13. Fast Travel to The Highlands
Go to the designated spot to see the double rainbow and receive "What Does It Mean?"

14. Fast Travel To Oasis
You will automatically receive Gadabout
Turn the two missions into Slade and receive Treasure Hunter and Completionist

15. Fast Travel To The Badass Crater Bar
Turn the two missions into Moxxi and receive Explosive and Motorhead

16. Fast Travel to the Hunter's Grotto Lodge (Do these in the following order)
Turn the Mission in at the Bounty Board and receive Done That
Turn the Mission Into Hammerlock and receive Face Off
Accept the Voracidous mission from Hammerlock

17. Fast Travel to Candlerakk's Crag
Run to Voracidous' Lair and open the gate. Once you enter you will receive Been There
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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