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Blur - Full 100% Game Save

Download Name: Blur - Full 100% Game Save  

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Submitted By: maDz

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The saves in the link above are made for the following trophies:
Beat Carver
Haruna Matata
For The Fans
Beat Drayke
Beat Natalya
Speed Demon
You Can't Touch This
Beat Rhymer
Beat Twins
He's A Recking Machine
Furiously Fast
Lights Out Meatball
A Fast One
Beat Talon

There are some challenges that are half completed through these saves which I forgot to document, so you will be able to get more out of them than those which I have listed.

Whilst boosting this, I tried to copy my save over to a japanese sub account of mine so that I could grab an empty lobby, but the stats never carried over for me and they were locked as a level 1. After that, my save did work for a friend online. If you can work out how to do that, there is also a save that is 1 race away from level 50.

Somebody Stop Me
Drop The Hammer
Who Needs Cone Gates

Here are the other partially completed trophies that are also obtainable in the saves - But you'd need to check the stickers to see what is available to each save. Starting from the Rhymer save & working along, these are the order of the semi-finished trophies as I earned them...

Sharp Shooter
Photo Finish (Not yet unlocked in the Rhymer save)
All Rounder
Motor Mash
Globe Trotter
Show 'em Who's Boss
Check Yourself
it's a Trap
Outta My Way!
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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