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Batman: Arkham Origins - Voice of the People/First Riddler Trophy

Download Name: Batman: Arkham Origins - Voice of the People/First Riddler Trophy  

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You must resign the save files for them to work.
The PARAM.SFO has been removed from some save files for account safety, you'll have to use/create your own.
(i.e. using Bruteforce)

Load the savedata and press Continue - I Am The Night.
"Voice of the People" - Make your way over to the Solomon Wayne Court House and go behind it to the back entrance. Facing towards the door, turn left and hop over the blockage. Once over, turn 180 degrees to look at the wall in Detective Mode and you should see an Anarky symbol, scan it.

It has been reported that this save game will also auto-pop the "First Riddler Trophy" trophy.

Note: This one seems to be a hit or miss. I have tested it and it worked for me, but not for others.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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