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Batman: Arkham City 100% Full Gamesave

Download Name: Batman: Arkham City 100% Full Gamesave  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: maDz

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Item description:

1. Create a new game save on your PS3
2. Put it onto a USB Drive
3. Put USB Drive into the USB port on your PC
4. Make a copy of the save onto your desktop
5. Open the file that is on your USB Drive
6. Replace the PARAM.PFD and PAYLOAD files from YOUR save with my files that I have provided
7. Next open up Xploder
8. Drag that save over to the left side of Xploder
9. Now copy that copy from your desktop (from step 4) onto your USB Drive
10. In Xploder, click "file" > "Refresh Memory Stick"
11. Now drag the save from the left side over to the right
12. You will get a warning/error warning. Just click "ok"
13. Now take your USB Drive and plug it into your PS3
14. Now copy the save from the USB to your PS3
15. Now load the game
16. Do whatever it is that the trophy you are going for requires
17. Ding!!! Trophy!!!
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