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Asura's Wrath Plat Save Set

Download Name: Asura's Wrath Plat Save Set  

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After using xploder and copying the save on ps3.
put the game and go to option, you'll get 3 trophies for the collections of art and stuff.
Then load episode 3 and play the game, durring you'll get more trophies. finish it to get all difficulty trophies plus much much more.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________
Trophies you need to do your self are;

Like a Fish
Consume more alcohol than you should.

This trophy is also obtained in Episode 10. When you get control of Asura, choose to “Chug” a few times to unlock the trophy.
Sometimes I Feel Like...
Find all the peeping Doji at the hot spring.

This is the last trophy obtainable from the hot-springs-special episode or Episode 10 if you’d like.
When you get control of Asura look at the left side of screen until the big guy leaves (make sure you watch until the end for the lols), then take a look at right side, look up towards the cliff, execute any action –drink, chug, look at assets, splash, stand up-, look up again, execute one more action, and look up for the last time and you will unlock the trophy.
Shut Up, Wyzen!
Interrupt Wyzen's monologue.

During Episode 4, Wyzen will start to give a little speech. Press [Circle Button] when prompt appears on top-left corner to shut him up.
Shut Up, Kalrow!
Interrupt Kalrow's monologue.

Same as above. You need to press [Circle Button] to shut him up when he starts his speech at the end of Episode 9 after Asura reaches to the top of the airship.
Shut Up, Augus!
Interrupt Augus' monologue.

Once again press [Circle Button] to shut Augus up and unlock the trophy. He will start giving his speech at the beginning of Episode 11.

__________________________________________________ _______________________

The Six-Armed Man
Grow a few extra limbs in Episode 5.

This trophy is story-related but it is missable.

You will fight Wyzen, one of the Seven Deities in Episode 5. You will unlock the trophy during first half of the episode.

Do NOT skip the cutscene when Asura turns into his six-armed state or you will have to play the episode again. You have to watch the whole cutscene to earn this trophy.
Heads Will Roll
Completely lose it in Episode 12.

This trophy is story-related but it is missable.

Asura will turn into a humanoid monster with four oversized arms (naruto, anyone?) halfway through the episode and will unlock the trophy.

Do NOT skip any cutscenes during the event until you unlock the trophy or you might need to play the episode again.
Rebel with a Cause
Do what you think is right in Episode 13.

This trophy is story-related but it is missable.

Say hello to Yasha of the 7 Deities! As soon as the cutscene finishes and you start to control him, the trophy will unlock

Do NOT skip any cutscenes until you get control of your character in the beginning of Episode 13 until you earn this trophy.
Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

After you fill your Burst Bar, press [R2 Button] and Asura will try to test the “assets” of the lovely lady. Just watch the scene and trophy will be yours.
It Takes Two
Defeat Deus with Yasha in Episode 17.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

Trophy will unlock after you beat Deus.
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