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Alien Breed: Impact [Save Set] #1

Download Name: Alien Breed: Impact [Save Set] #1  

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Right here we go on then, start a new game, leave the room you start off in and go to the room opposite you to the right and collect the 'door fuse', use that on the door to the left of the room your in.

Now head left until you come to some double doors on your right, go through there and collect the 'key card' then go back and use the 'key card' on the door opposite you. Follow the u shaped hallway killing any aliens in your way until you come to 2 glass windows.

Follow the way points to the elevator killing anything in your path and 'Fighting Light' will pop on the stats screen.

The start of level 2 is a perfect place to farm some trophies, theres 4 trophies you want to aim to get from here, there not hard at all and the games on rookie so you should have no problems achieving them.

Speak to the Physician and he'll then open a area up for you to clear it from enemy threats, what you want do is, be sure there are at least 10 aliens, then toss a stun grande and a frag straight after (beware if you don't hold down L2 when throwing grenades, he'll drop them at his feet) if there was 10 you should get these 4 trophies. If not simply reload the save and keep trying.
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