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Majin and The Foresaken Kingdom (SaveSet)

Download Name: Majin and The Foresaken Kingdom (SaveSet)  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Step 1:
Play the game.
Just by beating the game you will get

Majin Rescued
Escape from the Dark Castle
Caprakan Defeated
B'alam Defeated
Tlaloc Defeated
Ixtab Defeated
King of the Darkness Defeated
Wind Majin
Lightning Majin
Flame Majin
Purifying Majin
One Enthralled by Darkness
If by any chance you missed this, you basically have to have 0 health and Majin will revive you (You can do this in the save, only needed once)

Step 2:
Load up the Save and play on game #1:
Majin Plat.rar

Give Majin 1 order to get
Master of the Majin
Give the Majin more than 500 orders

Feed Majin once to get
Majin Healer
Feed the Majin over 10 Blue Fruit

Pause the game to view your stats and then Majin's Stats, This will give you
Ultimate Health
The Majin's "health" ability rises to maximum
Ultimate Strength
Ultimate Wind Power
Ultimate Lightning Power
Ultimate Flame Power
Ultimate Purification Power
Brave One
Raise Friendship level and Tepeu's level to max

Defeat one enemy to get
Dark Hunter
Defeat over 100 enemies
One of a Kind
Defeat over 500 enemies

Go to a save post, go to Change Outfit, this will give you
Treasure Hunter
Cosplay Maniac
Cosplay Master

Have Majin Revive you once for
Immortal Man
Have the Majin revive you 3 times.

Talk to the Majin one time for
Talk to the Majin 100 times.

Find a monkey on the map that will jump on Majin's back, kill the monkey to get
Majin Bodyguard
Help the Majin out when he's in trouble 10 times.
Majin Knight
Help the Majin out when he's in trouble 30 times.

Attack a shield enemy once for
Headlong Rush
Attack shielded enemies 100 times.

Use stealth (crouch and 0 when prompted) one time to get
Sneak Master
Defeat 50 enemies with sneak attacks

Do one combination move to get
Combination Master
Defeat 300 enemies with combination attacks

Do one finisher attack (with Majin) to get
Finish Master
Defeat more than 50 enemies with finish attacks
Battle Master
Defeat 5 or more enemies at once using a finish or combination attack
(for this trophy, find a cluster of fairly week enemies and use Majins lightning attack. I found this move the easiest, but purification would be great too because it instantly turns enemies into crystal.)

Do each of the following finishers once for 4 silver trophies.
To do a finisher, you have to do a Majin Tag team move to 3 enemies in a row while the Wind/Lighting/Fire/Purification is effecting them.
You will go in slow motion and the screen will turn green if you did it right.
The building you go into on your way to fight the boss is a perfect spot to get these trophies as there are bout 6-8 enemies clustered on every floor level.

Wind God
Defeat over 10 enemies with a wind finish attack
Lightning God
Defeat over 10 enemies with a lightning finish attack
Flame God
Defeat over 10 enemies with a flame finish attack
Purification God
Defeat over 10 enemies with a purification finish attack

Go and defeat the boss, at the end of credits and on the main menu screen you will get
Peace in Q'umarkaj
Go to the true ending

Step 3:
Go to my Trap master save (Game #2) , Make a right, continue until you see a boulder, make Majin act on it (R2 + Square), go to your left, throw a rock at the enemies or walk in front of them until their eyes turn red so they follow you in front of the boulder, go down that path so they follow you more, have majin roll the boulder on them,(R2+ Square) This gets you

Trap Master
Defeat over 30 enemies with traps
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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