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So I need some advice and tips or suggestions on what to do.

Here is my situation:

I currently live in Georgia, USA. Recently really great family friends moved to Indiana, because they got promoted through a company (Company is spectacular, great pay, benefits, vacation, everything, lots of promotions). Anyways since they moved I have acquired a attachment called a Girl Friend, I graduated last year, she has not graduated yet. I just received a job offer to work up there, for great pay. And I get to stay with the family friends until I can get a apartment or what ever to live in up there. So free housing for around a month maybe 2 months I would say. I have wanted to work for this company for ages since I was around 9, so 11 Years roughly. Now I have a opportunity to do so, and I do not know if I will get that chance again.

I need to convince my GF to not have a problem with me going up there, I do not want to break up with her, so long distance will be a thing. Any helpful advice is great might rep to some of you guys depending on if you actually help or not.
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Follow you heart man If you truly want to work for the company and be with your fam and such then go for it.Just tell your Gf you will visit her as much as you can and when she graduates she could come and live with you.
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Don't let dreams just be dreams.

If she really loves you she will come with you when she graduates.
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Bruh if you can get a amazing job why not go for it.

If she is not with it you could always find another girl. It's hard enough to get a decent job these days and that seems like a perfect opportunity for you. But at the end of the day it's up to you.

Good luck.

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Thanks guys! Honesty when I think about not accepting the offer my heart legitely feels weird, since it is something I have always wanted to do. Plus the family I am talking about has a daughter and we helped raise her from when she was just born, until about 6 when they moved. So she is pretty much a little sister to me just not blood related.
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Girlfriends could come and go, but if you have wanted this job since being a kid then you gotta go for it. Maybe this girl will agree to a long distance relationship as long as you just visit. What ever you go with good luck
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Take the job! Jobs are hard to come by now days if she truly loves you and you truly love here it will last but don't waste your time waiting around for her your young and she's young. Take the job cause with all the benefits and $$$ you can support yourself and her if she's still around workmen come and go all the time stick with your dreams and focus on your goals

I have been in your situation many years ago I stuck with the job paid off greatly needless to say me and old girl didn't last. She wanted differ et things then I did and this will test your love and things you want together But stick with your dreams and goals
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bro take the job
if your girl isnt ok with it, then its over. you'll find another one anyways, whats the chance you're going to get another job offer like that?
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Get the job but keep a good relationship (a long distance relationship) but visit her.
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I would take the job and see what you can workout with visiting her.
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