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Description: Completion bonuses Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty...
Views: 483
Description: Master Code (Must Be On) EC878264 143C6FFC Infinite Money 1CB65538 17E9C70C All O Licenses 4CA3AC70...
Views: 352
Description: Alternate costumes When choosing a wrestler at the character selection screen, press Square. Note: Not all characters...
Views: 330
Description: Hard mode Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting with a "B" or higher rank to unlock hard...
Views: 306
Description: Master Code (Must Be On) EC87913C 143F4464 Infinite Jockey Points 1D7AC520 17E9C70C
Views: 300
Description: Expert mode At the "How To Play" screen, press Left, Right, Left, Right(2), Left, Right, Left. Play as Ryuji...
Views: 358
Description: Play as Grant At the character selection screen, highlight Rock and press Left to highlight Grant. Press any button to...
Views: 277
Description: View all FMV sequences While the game is loading, hold X. After the Midway legal screen is displayed, all FMV...
Views: 359
Description: Infinite lives In Two Player mode on the Normal or higher difficulty setting when you are down to no lives or are...
Views: 334
Description: More Special Features... Cheat menu At the controller selection screen, press L1 to activate cheats that have been...
Views: 342