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PaRappa The Rapper 2 Cheats/Hints

Tutorial Name: PaRappa The Rapper 2 Cheats/Hints  

Category: Video Game Cheat Codes

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Skip To Song
To skip the intro and go right to the song, press and hold L1 + R1 together when selecting a stage.

Sunny's Music Video
First get the yellow hat and do the Secret Song Hint. After the secret song is over you will watch a music video of "Come A Long Way".

Secret Song
To hear a secret song, watch the intro where PaRappa writes his name twice. When the intro music stops playing, colourful noodles will come on the screen.

Skip Movie And Boxy
Hold down the L buttons when you choose a stage to skip over the movie and boxy.

Ninja Star Mode
Before you choose a level, hold both R buttons down and then choose the stage. The icons will be replaced with Ninja Stars.

Change The Colour Of PaRappa's Hat
After you get the yellow hat, push X to go to the title screen. Once everybody is standing on the screen, use the right-analog stick to cycle between hats. Hold the stick down on the color hat you wish to have and press start. Your hat will be that color.

Doggy House
To get the doggy house you have to beat the game with the yellow hat. You will be able to listen to a song. (The game gets harder as you change your hats).

Song Test
Successfully complete the game with the yellow hat to unlock a new dog house that allows you to listen to any song in levels that you finished with a cool rating.

Yellow Hat
Successfully complete the game with the pink hat to unlock a yellow hat for PaRappa.

Pink Hat
Successfully complete the game with the blue hat to unlock a pink hat for PaRappa.

Blue Hat
Successfully complete the game to unlock a blue hat for PaRappa.


Unlimited Lives
Pause the game, then hold L1 and press X,Square, Triangle, Circle.


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