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This is the Police 2; November 23 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: This is the Police 2; November 23 Walkthrough  

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The shift starts with notices about absent officers and leave requests. Then you will go to the list of officers currently on duty along with the equipment assigning screen.

    Public indecency - you need 560 experience points for this call. To close the case successfully, one of your officers should have at least some stealth or strength points. If this doesn't solve the problem, you may need someone with speed in order to catch the old man. As a last resort, you can always use the taser, however, this will result in the man's death.

    Gunfight - false alarm

    Kidnapping - you need 770 experience points for this call. You will need an officer with intelligence or stealth. If the initial plan fails, officers with speed can also do the job.

    Code I: Theft - in this mission you investigate the theft of a tape player. You can assign any officer to this call. However keep, in mind that the more experienced the officer the more evidence he will find.

    Hot merchandise - you need a total of 470 experience points. It's best to send someone with negotiation skills. This way you can persuade the suspect to surrender.

Additionally, you will also receive a call informing you about a corpse found in a drift. You need to decide whether to send your men to investigate the body or leave it to the pathologist. You should send your officers, as this will grant you shoes, which can be later "exchanged" for a testimony during a tactical mission in the slaughterhouse.

After the day ends, you will be able to exchange badges for staff members and equipment. Assign a minimum of six officers to the next shift. Ideally, the best ones you have.


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