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ECW: Hardcore Revolution Cheat Codes

Tutorial Name: ECW: Hardcore Revolution Cheat Codes  

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ECW: Hardcore Revolution Cheat Codes:

-Replacement Moves In Creation Mode
The following moves can be used as replacements in creation mode: Ready Position

Use the Gutwrench Powerbomb for Steve Williams's "Dr. Bomb" Use the Sicilian Drop for Christian's "Impaler" Use the One Arm Slam for The Rock's "Rock Bottom" Use the Fallen Angel for Marc Mero's "TKO" Use That's Incredible for The Undertaker/Kane/Fit Finlay's Tombstone

Use the Front Face Gutwrench for Faarooq's "Dominator" Use the Ace Crusher for Steve Austin's "Stone Cold Stunner" Use the Chicken Choke for Mankind's "Mandible Claw" Use the 2x Arm Facebuster for Triple H/Chyna's "Pedigree" Use the Rocker Dropper for Billy Gunn's "Fameasser" Use the Death Valley Driver for the Godfather's "Pimp Drop" Use the Sitdown Slam for Taka Michinoku's "Michinoku Driver" Use the Swinging DDT for Big Vito's "Paison Plant" Use the Novacaine for Edge's "Downward Spiral" Use the Ball Breaker for D'Lo Brown's "Sky High" Use the Superkick for Shawn Michaels' "Sweet Chin Music" Use the Frontface DDT for Diamond Dallas Page's "Diamond Cutter" Use the Jazz Stinger for X-Pac's "X Factor"

Use the Vertical Body Press for Steve Austin's "Lou Thesz Press

Whipped Opponent
Use the Time Bomb for Wrath's "Meltdown" or Test's "The Grade" Use the Single Arm Slam for the Big Bossman's "Bossman Slam"

Use the Hanging Powerslam for Billy Gunn/Bill Goldberg's "Jackhammer" Use the Side Neck Buster for Al Snow's "Snow Plow" Use the Front Brainbuster for Hardcore Holly's "Hollycaust" Use the Old School Plex for Curt Hennig's "Hennig-Plex" Use the Inverted Piledriver for Rikishi Phatu's "Rikishi Driver" Use the Pinning Powerbomb for Droz's "New Jersey Naptime" Use the Santoro Slam for Kurrgan's "Kurrgan Shuffle"

Corner moves
Use the Rocker Dropper for Billy Gunn's "Ass Kisser" Use the Train for the Godfather's "Ho Train" Use the Bada Bing for Rikishi Phatu's "Rikishi Drop" Use the Kick to Groin for Goldust's "Shattered Dreams" Use the Overhead Press for Vinnie Vegas's "Snake Eyes"

Use the SST (Severe Skull Trauma) for Goldust's "Curtain Call" Use the Reverse DDT for Sting's "Scorpion Death Drop" Use the Reverse Vertical Suplex for Prince Iaukea's "Paisley Park" Use the Front Russian Legsweep for Jeff Jarrett's "The Stroke" Use the Crossface Chickenwing for Norman Smiley's "Norman Conquest" Use the Full Nelson Slam for The Patriot's "Uncle Slam"

Opponent down, at side
Use the Pinning Splash for Mark Henry/Viscera's "Death From Above" Use the Standing Leg Drop for D'Lo Brown's "D'Lo Drop" Use the Twitching Kneedr
op for Road Dogg's "Crazylegs Kneedrop" Use the Twitching Elbow for The Rock's "People's Elbow"

Opponent down, at feet
Use the Deathlock for Bret Hart's "Sharpshooter" or Sting's "Scorpion Deathlock" Use the Elevated Crab for Chris Jericho's "Walls of Jericho"

Opponent down, at head
Use the Camel Clutch for Big Poppa Pump's "Steiner Recliner" Use the Toehold Half Crab for Konnan's "Tequila Sunrise"

On turnbuckle, opponent standing
Use the La Sillia for Mosh's "Mosh Pit" Use the Shoulder Tackle for The Patriot's "Patriot Missle"

On turnbuckle, opponent down
Use the Somersault Leg Drop/Arabian Guillotine for Thrasher's "Stage Dive" Use the Swivel Splash for Val Venis's "Money Shot" Use the Shooting Star Press for Marc Mero's "Marvelocity" Use the Five Star Frog Splash for Eddy Guerrero's Frog Splash Use the NJ Jam/Tennessee Jam for Grandmaster Sexay's "Hip Hop Drop" Use the Frog Splash for D'Lo Brown's "Lo Down" Use the Turnaround Moonsault for Marc Mero's "Merosault" Use the Flying Elbow for Randy Savage's "Macho Man Elbow Drop"


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