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Tutorial Name: Superman  

Category: Nintendo 64 Cheat Codes

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Level select
Begin a game in single player mode. Play until getting the option to save the game on the controller pak. Save the game, then reset. Select the load game option from the main menu, then choose the game that was saved. A prompt to insert a rumble pak will appear. Hold L + B for one second, then press A. Then a level selection screen will appear that allows any mission to be played on the current difficulty setting. Note: The difficulty setting may be changed by entering the options screen from the main menu.

Multi-player levels with one player
Note: Two controllers are required for this trick. Begin a new game, and set the multi-player fight options to two players, solo, town, and 5 minutes. Then, select a character and start the game in multi-player mode. Quit to the main menu, then press B. The "New Game" option should be highlighted. Press A, select one player and press L, B, A when prompted to insert a rumble pak. After a brief pause, the game will begin in the town.

Transform into a car
Begin a game in practice mode. Pick up a car and fly with it through all the rings around the Lexcorp building. The game will glitch after you fly though the last red ring, and Superman should end up in the car.

Cheat mode
At the main menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right. If you entered the code correctly, Clark will say "This looks like a job for Superman." Then, enter one of the following codes while the game is paused:

Level skip
Pause the game and press C-Up, C-Down.

Refill health
Pause the game and press Z, R.

Super speed
Pause the game and press R, Z.

Super punch
Pause the game and press L, Z.

Freeze breath
Pause the game and press Z, L.

Heat vision
Pause the game and press R, L.


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