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The Sims Cheat Codes

Tutorial Name: The Sims Cheat Codes  

Category: PlayStation 2 Cheat Codes

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Cheat mode
At the main menu, press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 to unlock the cheat menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Midas mode
Enter "MIDAS" at the cheat menu. Begin a game in Get A Life mode, get into the hot tub with the girl, then pause the game. Select "Quit", followed by "Just Quit". This mode unlock all two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins.

Free mode
Enter "FREEALL" at the cheat menu. All objects will now cost 0 Simoleans. Note: When buying an item, you still need enough Simoleans to pay for it. However, no Simoleans will be deducted from your total. Also, you will not be able to sell any items for money. This has no effect on the cost of paying for bills and other services. Also, this may cause some problems with saved games.

Party Motel mode
Enter "PARTY M" at the cheat menu. The Party Motel two-player game will now be unlocked under the bonus section in Get A Life mode.

Play The Sims mode
Enter "SIMS" at the cheat menu. Play The Sims mode will now be unlocked, without going through the Get A Life dream house. This is useful for players without memory cards, who would otherwise need to play through the Dream House each time.

First person view
Enter "FISH EYE" at the cheat menu. Press Circle to toggle between normal and first person view.


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