The Tech Game: September 2012

First images of black ops 2 ‘prestige icons’14826,3994.4
NBA Live 13 cancelled by EA557,6454.4
EA: FIFA 13 scores 353K in North America on day one303,3604.8
Xbox 360 now offering rewards based on Gamerscore11721,6204.2
New, Redesigned Call of Duty ELITE Launches678,3674.5
EA buys Battlelog developer344,3734.6
343i: 'Halo 4 isn't chasing Call of Duty's tail'8710,6254.7
Notch attacks Windows 8 - refuses to port Minecraft5910,5584.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 'Zombies' terrorize an open world13723,4654.5
Black Ops 2 features optional texture pack installation on PS33510,9534.5
NBA 2K13 demo shoots onto XBLM & PSN today172,3394.7
Forza Horizon gets a Season Pass, $50 for access to all DLC263,7224.6
FOX Broadcast app hits Xbox for Gold subscribers435,2834.6
Splinter Cell Blacklist | Official Fifth Freedom Trailer253,7964.5
Black Ops 2 zombies: First screens7814,7264.4
Turn 10 recruiting for next Forza game264,2224.6
Sony plans to support PS3 through 2015 at least395,0934.5
Borderlands 2 glitch robs Badass Tokens, Gearbox investigating276,9994.5
Status Update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition6918,6844.4
Nintendo to region-lock the Wii U324,8954.6
Reminder: Play full FIFA 13 on Xbox Live and PSN right now255,0334.7
Borderlands 2 will have 'non-season pass' DLC, Pitchford promises234,2934.6
Minecraft's latest snapshot has a witchy woman376,1064.4
Medal Of Honor Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta Kicks Off In Early October588,2384.6
Sleeping Dogs October DLC Announced417,6494.4
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team back online, perma-bans issued over exploit3610,3344.5
Nintendo: Replacement GamePads are gonna cost you265,2014.6
Halo 4 pre-order goods plant their flag in select retailers476,8154.6
Redesigned PS3 caught on camera, up close and personal6310,3264.8
Microsoft hires CBS executive to make original video content for Xbox245,9654.4
Borderlands 2 'Torgue' expansion turns up on The Workshop resumes225,1864.6
Minecraft XBLA considering mods, diverging from PC after 1.8.26113,1874.3
Crysis 3 | Summer Accolades Trailer314,3344.7
Black Ops 2 Zombies Teaser Trailer Released8514,1664.6
Resident Evil 6 demo live on XBLM, PSN later today414,3984.3
Minecraft update 1.8.2 creeping up on XBLA, new video and images8916,7054.5
Black Ops 2: weapon levels aren’t lost after you Prestige6113,3584.6
CastleMiner Z cracks one million, still fastest-selling XBLIG518,9324.7
Retailer promotion teases 'new PS3 console'283,1924.4
Rumour: Black Ops 2 campaign missions, multiplayer maps detailed308,1914.7
iPhone 5 lands over two million pre-orders in first 24 hours556,3744.4
FIFA 13 demo downloads reach 1.99 million202,9154.6
Minecraft Xbox update preview18128,7014.6
Wii U UK prices spread between £199 and £280465,7594.5
Nintendo to launch TVii - a new way to view television323,5694.5
Wii U European release date is November 30182,3074.7
Nintendo confirms Wii U release date for the US232,8124.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 confirmed for Wii U374,4664.7
New iPod Nano and iPod Touch revealed7510,7954.6
FIFA 13: 'Attacking Intelligence' trailer344,1044.7
Apple iPhone 5 unveiled with taller screen and 4G7012,3304.6
Wii U release date and price to be announced Thursday112,1234.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 gameplay videos coming this week10119,2154.3
PlayStation Plus cloud storage increase coming with PS3 update 4.25303,0734.6
Activision releases new Black Ops II trailer11015,6204.3
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition now $59.99, launches today394,7434.3
Pirate Bay Co-Founder Lands In Sweden, Immediately Charged By Police437,4504.7
Google launches its own Youtube app for iOS354,6664.7
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC rolling out now on Xbox 360, PC485,1304.5
Terraria coming to XBLA/PSN early 2013, 1.6 million sold on PC395,0004.4
FIFA 13 demo released on Xbox 360365,2644.6
Xbox 720 tech could turn rooms into 3D environments436,6464.6
Straight Right building two Wii U games that aren't Mass Effect 392,1334.7
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC characters found on Xbox 360 disc189,7004.5
The real source of Apple device IDs leaked297,0084.8
Vivendi still looking for a €8 billion buyer for majority stake in Activision 415,2554.6
Bethesda undecided on Wii U, cautious on next-gen consoles142,3884.7
Black Ops 2: Stolen and Modded?24360,6604.4
September Pennzoil car pack rolls into Forza 4505,2464.6
Vita hack 'doesn't let you play pirate retail games'234,2674.6
US Xbox 360 sales top PS3, Wii for 20th straight month525,5974.6
Madden NFL 13 sells 1.65 million copies in first week493,5514.5
'Chip problems could delay Xbox 720's planned September 2013 launch'7310,0384.5
David Vonderhaar answers some MP questions6911,4004.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Leveling And Unlocking System Detailed5612,7744.6
PS Vita allegedly hacked385,5304.5
Modern Warfare 3 'Chaos Pack' out September 13 for PS3, PC335,2144.6
Trials Evolution discovers DLC and the 'Origin of Pain'202,8424.7
NBA 2K Everywhere puts NBA 2K13 on everything315,0434.6
iPhone 5 sales could hit 10 million in first week7310,8744.7
Minecraft 'Adventure' update on XBLA 'still weeks away'8411,8594.5
GameStop predicts just one next-gen game console in 2013557,1424.4
US Wii U release date 'November 11th', distributor claims302,7364.6
Modern Warfare 3: Final CoD Elite content hit by Xbox Live issues456,6444.6
Hackers leak 1 million Apple device IDs5110,6344.7
Angry Birds' 'Bad Piggies' get their own game on Sept. 27415,2404.6
Resident Evil 6 demo spreads to PSN/XBLM on Sept. 18405,6444.7
Xbox Live now fully operational after downtime698,6544.3
Xbox Live is down, Microsoft 'working to resolve the issue'6710,7374.3
Capcom confirms Polish copies of Resident Evil 6 stolen253,3314.5
Battlefield 3 patch goes live September 4515,5264.8
ZombiU trailer breaks out of Buckingham Palace434,8954.6
Missing Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Cambodia669,4924.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC specs678,8304.6
Report: Resident Evil 6 retail copies loose in Poland464,6324.7
Building a better beautiful game with FIFA 13665,6864.7
Halo 4 adds Grifball to the multiplayer menu769,5074.7
Assassin's Creed 3 will have new challenges and content every month654,1364.7

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