The Tech Game: August 2012

EA: Our new IPs and Frostbite will dominate Xbox 72012515,0324.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 update: brand new Easter eggs planned9121,6944.4
Guild Wars 2 weapon exploit leads to 3,000 perma-bans587,0564.6
FIFA 13: Messi stars in official TV advert606,4914.7
Microsoft store offering $175 off on Xbox 360 S Kinect bundle739,0314.6
Modern Warfare 3 DLC's final assault on Xbox 360 next week8510,0564.6
Play Halo 4 before the rest of the world at the MLG Fall Championship1139,7524.4
Mass Effect 3 Wii U developed by Australian studio Straight Right342,5234.7
Metal Gear Solid movie coming, care of Columbia Pictures454,4484.8
Black Ops 2 Care Package edition unboxing video10112,6644.7
Second LulzSec suspect arrested over year-old hacking incident485,0374.4
Microsoft opens up more places on Xbox LIVE Update beta14317,5194.7
Xbox 360 YouTube app now 5x faster11210,6744.6
Gears of War: Judgment's Free-For-All mode playable this week at PAX Prime584,2264.6
Microsoft launches Chinese-language Xbox Live site566,2854.7
Vita firmware update 1.80 locks memory cards to one user account624,7604.6
Black Ops 2: Hardened and Care Package editions detailed16928,6174.3
Battlefield 3 'Armored Kill' DLC release dates confirmed588,0184.6
Wii U November 18 release date denied by 'whistleblower'473,1574.4
PES 2013 pre-orders score Champions League metallic cover334,1344.7
Apple targets eight Samsung products for sales ban759,1974.6
Microsoft announces first free-to-play Xbox 360 game10516,1194.4
PS Vita v1.80 update now live312,6744.6
Metal Gear Solid 4: Kojima Productions explains trophy delay232,0874.7
Tony Hawk HD DLC: Airport and LA videos leaked486,0294.7
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Transformed dev impressed by Wii U graphics power303,6154.7
Minecraft for XBLA reaches 3.6 million units sold614,7024.8
Zombies to take over Nuketown in Black Ops 27110,2054.5
Minecraft snapshot adds 'Wither Boss,' baked potatoes and invisibility potions7911,3274.7
Netflix adds people search to Xbox 360 app13611,7184.1
Skin Pack 2 for Minecraft delivers 45 new looks on XBLA977,2924.6
Hacker 'AnonymouSabu' gains an additional six months of freedom13911,7084.6
Election 2012 coverage comes to Xbox Live August 2721115,4254.4
Halo 4 Achievements revealed20920,1994.4
Remedy: Next gen consoles represent 'a quantum leap'1269,4304.5
'Improved' PES 2013 demo hits consoles next week1055,8844.5
Battlefield 3 Premium users get Double XP exclusively this weekend955,6404.6
Rumor: Square Enix tells retailers to destroy Final Fantasy 14605,0414.5
Sky Now TV app descends upon UK Xboxes845,8774.5
OnLive's debt was $30-40 million, insolvency group reveals644,3814.7
Microsoft unveils new logo for the first time in 25 years1129,6694.2
Forza Horizon 'VIP Membership package' revealed1007,3754.5
PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolution - report845,9604.4
Halo 4 soundtrack lands Oct. 22, Special Edition runs $75644,6954.7
Xbox 360 Essentials pack coming in October for $79.991198,6714.6
Nintendo Power's last issue will run in December615,4004.6
Kinect price drops to $109.99 in US1093,9654.5
Grand Theft Auto 5 screens drop in18215,1814.7
NBC News app now on Xbox Live743,9014.6
Everything Everywhere gets OK to launch 4G in UK next month724,4244.6
Microsoft opens up more places on Xbox LIVE Update beta14016,2634.3
EA: 3D gaming 'hasn't got traction'785,0164.6
Command & Conquer: Generals 2 has no single-player campaign523,6964.7
Sleeping Dogs conquers UK sales chart714,1124.6
Plants vs. Zombies 2 shambles in 'late spring' 20131126,7964.5
New Grand Theft Auto 5 screens: Fly a jet, ride a bike, zip around in a Cheetah17517,1804.7
EA putting 'a lot of resources' toward preventing another 'FIFA hack' season946,4044.4
Black Ops 2 Zombies detailed at Gamescom26324,9114.4
Rumor: Black Ops 2 heading to Wii U, according to QA tester's resume1446,3224.4
OnLive losing 'at least 50 percent of staff,' bought out by unknown third-party1154,3994.6
New FIFA 13 Screenshots18216,0954.6
New Batch of Assassin’s Creed III Screenshots16810,7934.5
Rumor: Nintendo Wii U will get an in-game 'Accomplishment' system1085,6464.7
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition: 4J shares SuperFlat, Anvil and Creative info21725,7764.8
EA labels president has "seen both" PS4 and next-Xbox1408,3294.5
Call of Duty Black ops 2 Lobby and Create-A-Class Menu23040,1354.4
Anonymous claims PSN hack affecting 10 million20314,9024.6
Halo 4 'Specializations:' Multiplayer sub-classes with designer helmets13510,3614.6
Gamescom thieves pinch two demo PCs, dev offers $5000 reward1036,2104.6
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 details, Perks, Gameplay, Guns, Gamemodes, Videos21938,1284.7
Black Ops 2 features in-game livestreaming and 'Shoutcasting'18412,3474.5
Black Ops 2 customization and 'League Play' brings Call of Duty to the future17014,5534.5
Minecraft sales pass seven million on PC1478,3264.6
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD comes to PSN August 28, PC afterward1336,0994.7
More Minecraft Themed Skins Revealed!19515,8514.7
Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar teases possible Black ops 2 Emblems16416,8664.5
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition listed on Amazon1026,9724.5
EA says 'no current plans to introduce women's football in FIFA'964,1064.7
Teen charged for theft of RuneScape currency13511,8454.6
EA: digital sales will eventually overtake boxed games1105,1994.4
Durango Alpha Tower Arrives on Ebay - SOLD31248,5974.4
Black Ops 2 to be playable at Gamescom 20121718,9504.6
Rumor: Image from next-generation Kinect sensor leaked1459,0314.6
Microsoft job posting suggests new Xbox within 18 months22616,3684.3
Ouya tops $8.5 million as Kickstarter campaign comes to a close1346,1644.7
Microsoft local currency pricing on Xbox Marketplace items an 'error'14012,8894.7
Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft service compromised795,5684.8
Minecraft XBLA update brings the thunderclaps19718,9124.3
Call of Duty Black ops 2 multiplayer revealed47947,8214
Microsoft files trademark for 'Galactic Reign'1216,9274.6
Xbox 720: "new Xbox" is "coming out with Windows 8"22414,8414.5
YouTube app won't be pre-loaded on iOS 6 devices18510,9894.8
Demonoid torrent tracker shut down by Ukrainian police1309,3654.7
Some analysts “concerned” CoD has peaked at retail22116,1614.4
Grid 2 announcement teased2047,4694.5
Tony Todd discusses Black Ops II performance capture1319,5614.5
Activision stock may rise 50 percent with Pandaria, CoD Online945,0574.7
Final Fantasy VII PC released early, then pulled893,9034.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MP Reveal Dated35928,3254.4
Xbox 360 to stream Mars rover landing Monday22014,2584.5
Call of Duty Online ‘could launch in other countries’1437,9874.6
MineCon 2012 going to Disneyland Paris this November1185,7984.7
Diablo 3 looted by 'more than 10 million' people1025,0804.6
FIFA 13 launching with Wii U, gets all touchy1366,5794.6
Madden 13 on Wii U features touch play-calling, hot routes1135,3754.7
Crysis 3 'not currently' in development for Wii U1017,8324.6
Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy patch due in early August1184,8294.6
Final Modern Warfare 3 DLC detailed, dated - new Spec Ops mode18313,1734.2
Minecraft's "Notch" latest to bash Windows 81249,6744.5
Sony asks you to design the next DualShock 3 controller24112,0694.6
Microsoft releases a new trailer for Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn18310,6114.6
MW3 PS3 weapon patch notes released, Terminal fix ‘incoming’21012,1724.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 1.7.3 bug fix due ‘next week’ – 4J Studios18420,2814.6
Take-Two investor call theme: Where's Grand Theft Auto 5?1707,5834.5
Minecraft's 1.3.1 update goes live, go get your trade on1467,2304.4
Ouya adds exclusive console color for last week of Kickstarter drive1706,3974.6

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