The Tech Game: April 2012

NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX 690 dual graphics card104,5864.7
Will Call of Duty Ever See a Third Person Shooter, RTS or RPG Game?9818,2584
[RUMOR] EA To Be Bought By Nexon?429,3724.4
Call of Duty's Robert Bowling opens game studio for next gen, Robotoki4412,6954.6
Preliminary ruling: Xbox 360 infringes on some Motorola patents116,4274.7
Black Ops 2 Poster and Multiplayer info Allegedly Leaked, Reveals Perks, Weapons18651,0764.2
Police Warfare Kickstarter suddenly and mysteriously canceled168,9054.5
Trials Evolution is 'highest grossing day-sales in Xbox Live Arcade history'114,7254.5
Skyrim pets via DLC?3010,6684.5
Skype Heading to Xbox 360379,8384.5
Halo 4 Gets an Official Release Date9213,7274.6
Microsoft goes first: E3 press conference date announced308,9224.7
Modern Warfare 3 sales begin to lag, fall behind Black Ops9015,2244.4
The secrets of Trials HD's wildly convoluted riddle revealed188,2254.6
Proposed changes to Sony's PSN terms of service cleared by court53,4904.6
Report: Halo 4 ditching Firefight mode for Spartan Ops7118,6884.5
EA seeking studio partner for Need for Speed movie306,7264.7
Rumor: Next Xbox to have 16 cores in processor?7115,6934.1
Netflix receives hardly noticeable update on Xbox 360339,7984.6
Modern Warfare 3 – Four Elite Maps Coming in May for Xbox 360, June for PS32814,5574.1
Black Ops 2 Logo Allegedly Leaked Including Debut Trailer Release Date10028,4114.4
HBO Go on Xbox 360 comes to Comcast customers next week73,8544.5
5 reasons why PS4 and Xbox next will initially suck5427,9904.3
Xbox 720: Blu-ray inside, always-on netcon required7718,0864.5
Bungie Brings Their Halo Stats To A Close6613,4834.8
What the heck is XboxFL? Only Microsoft knows4114,9374.6
Devs want Xbox 720, PS4 to be 'more open development platforms'106,4524.7
Xbox Live free from July 1st!14874,4823.6

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