The Tech Game: March 2011

Crytek working to remove exploits, penalize cheaters in Crysis 2123,2074.7
Stat tracking, wolves come to Minecraft this week31,0034.7
Xbox360 new disc format gains 1GB257,4314.8
PS3 & Xbox 360 Can’t Handle More Players in Battlefield 3115,0184.6
Leaked Mortal Kombat Character Selection Screen125,8524.7
Nintendo 3DS Having Hardware Problems at Launch33,9954.7
Lady Gaga donates $1.5 million to Zynga for Japan disaster relief38904.7
Trials HD, ‘Splosion Man and Limbo heading for retail in April(US) and May(EU)83,2464.6
UK Charts: Crysis 2 invades, takes lead over 3DS launch titles62,0444.5
Kinect Hacks: Become a paint wizard154,1474.8
Hacker gets Gentoo Linux running on PS3 Slim HDD53,4134.6
Kinect Hacks: Navigating your virtual apartment247,3974.7
Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps downsizing on consoles164,7154.8
Hundreds of gamers complain of horrible 3DS headaches103,0974.6
iPhone 4 survives 1,000 foot tumble from plane111,4944.7
Halo 4 Won’t Touch Core Mechanics of the Game287,7984.6
Patch coming for Crysis 2 PC multiplayer key issues, workaround detailed07774.8
Homefront debuts at #6 on Xbox Live charts72,7684.6
Homefront sells a million, ships 2.4 million units82,8774.4
Report: 3DS components cost about $10001,5474.5
Forza 4 to have 500 cars, 10X better graphics?249,8944.6
Raven confirmed to be ‘contributing’ to Call of Duty285,7204.5
Lawsuit: Other OS Removal Due to Cost, Not Security32,0014.7
Zynga Poker hacker sentenced to two years after stealing $11 million61,0044.7
RIAA tries to sue LimeWire for $75 TRILLION131,2154.7
XCM re-mapper teaser video released for Xbox 360145,5984.5
Playstation resorts to Sports Illustrated to encourage 3D adoption21,6034.6
Here is your first look at Madden NFL 12174,8154.6
Sledgehammer Games hires Guy 'Dr. DisRespect' Beahm as community lead2314,5924.5
MapleStory To Facebook!32,3934.7
Nintendo to install 6,000 3DS kiosks in the US11,6254.5
Rumors of next Xbox arise, coming 2015367,9064.3
Black Ops DLC “First Strike” coming to PC Mar. 2517094.7
Kartrider now on iOS and Android!09,4244.4
Game dev brands Xbox LIVE as 'too small' for his firm295,2184.2
Homefront number one in UK despite poor reviews155,6614.7
Hacker removes security encryption on ps3 HDD22,8974.6
Video: Kinect Hacked To Work On PS3318,3894.2
Gears of War 3 & Mortal Kombat at the Top of Gamer’s Lists123,1934.6
EA takes the easy way out, removes Crysis 2 PS3 demo31,6044.7
Samsung reveals 55 inch 'naked eye' 3D TV, but it will take 3 years59304.6
Video: Xbox Live Enforcement Vulcan toolset at work5122,2034.6
Fortresscraft - FreezeTag Gamemode228,2394.5
Here’s Your Opportunity to Beat Treyarch at Black Ops53,2994.5
Judge: Activision's suit against EA and former IW heads can proceed146,1104.7
Duke Nukem Forever185,5084.5
Homefront discounted just one day after its launch day418,1554.8
Teaser video of 3.60 MFW12,0954.5
Gibeau: Wii is a “legacy” platform, Nintendo will “come back at it”01,7124.6
iPad two moves about a million units in opening weekend07344.6
PSN and Sony/Microsoft repair centers hit by quake in Japan317,8314.5
Mathieulh claims to have code already running on v3.60 firmware33,1754.7
EA hints at Wii 221,6714.6
Forget PSN, PS3's DLC to be distributed on shaving blades and gel01,6524.7
First 3DS commercials hit UK and US, check 'em out now11,4574.8
Angry Birds downloads soar past 100 million across all platforms17064.5
Metal Gear Online servers temporarily suspended01,5144.7
THQ shares fall 9% as HomeFront reviews score badly2810,3114.6
Sony: Online will be a big part of PS4, but PS3 has many years left21,7654.5
Rare DS signed by Nintendo vets being auctioned for Japan disaster relief11,5924.8
iPad 2 jailbreak in just three days?58744.7
Microsoft Zune dead, RIP Microsoft Zune38414.6
Sony and Nintendo unite for $7m donation to Japanese earthquake recovery21,5974.6
Final Fantasy and Metal Gear online servers shut due to Earthquake123,7944.8
Black Ops is in 12% of American Homes164,4094.7
PAX East 2011 - NVIDIA Interview Overview126,7264.6
Kinect outselling Move 5:1, NPD numbers123,8054.6
Rebooter for 12625 Released (All Consoles)4713,8384.8
Xbox Live gamers have amassed 4 billion playing hours since launch163,6544.7
Awesome! Xbox 360 R2D2 complete with projector217,8304.7
Sony attempts to recruit hackers, sending out e-mail's?52,5684.6
Gears of War 3 Beta Downloader Leaked3019,7424.4
Xbox 360 poised to overtake Wii102,8124.5
Average Xbox gamerscore is 11,286, but what's yours?5812,4464.5
Sony shuts down production at six factories due to Japanese earthquake21,6484.6
First day at PAX East 2011215,2984.4
PS3 Re-secured with Update 3.6062,8294.4
PAX East 2011 - Questions for Devs!144,6694.6
Bungie Nearly Finished with Halo:Reach306,0844.3
Microsoft hiring for 'next-generation console' engineers247,4304.4
Glitch with allows you to create unlimited 160MSP codes free6541,3164.3
Judge allows Sony to gather IP's of all who visited Geohot's website6214,2244.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP Weekend Begins Friday3613,0184.4
Netflix and 'short-form video service' coming to Nintendo 3DS22,1734.8
Super Meat Boy misses jump to Wii (falls into chainsaw)73,7244.2
3D video recording coming to 3DS42,5334.5
Black Ops DLC brings PSN down4510,9484.3
Next Call of Duty will Feature the Same Engine5212,7184.3
Battlefield 3 First Full Gameplay Trailer3511,6104.7 is an unofficial Call of Duty film project277,3644.6
GAME runs out of Gears 3 beta codes308,8084.5
Xbox Live now Issuing Personalized Gaming Stats to your Inbox3210,8764.3
Microsoft to allow “dead” Xbox360 Gamertags to be used again5614,6984.5
Call of duty Black Ops Update, Fixes Sniper Rifles5314,9944.7
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 in early stages of development62,0644.6

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