The Tech Game: August 2010

UK is safe from Xbox Live Subscription Price Hike943,6224.3
New Xbox 360 controller with twist-up D-pad coming Nov. 9, bundled with charge k155,4334.3
Judge too busy for PSJailbreak case, delayed until Sept 3rd42,1534.8
Rumor: new Xbox 360 controller with improved d-pad for the holidays94,4514.7
Hackers claim success in cloning PSJailbreak, improving shell-code22,0374.7
Nintendo to cut DSi, DSi XL costs by $20 on Sept. 1211,3914.7
Xbox Live Gold subscription prices to increase386,7873.8
Hacking PS3 is as simple as pretending to be a USB HUB, team claims63,4804.6
EA cancels MMA release in Denmark due to energy drink law53,3034.6
PSjailbreak contains no copyright code, Sony is just using 'scare' tactics claim42,1594.5
Stores Breaking Halo: Reach Release Date348,8614.7
Sony files lawsuit over PSJailbreak, retailers issue mass refunds72,3684.6
Kinect beta kits going out, Dashboard update live for participants (with pics!)135,7244.6
Xbox headset quality improvement in November93,3414.6
Treyarch Are Finished With World War II Games113,7734.5
Mod: How to put an old Xbox 360 HDD into Xbox 360 S174,2184.6
Microsoft fires off salvo of Halo: Reach pirating permabans177,1704.7
PSJailbreak is real, is sold out, likely to get your console banned113,6374.2
Vejle bares all: Xbox 360 Slim's system-on-chip exposed63,3034.5
COD: Black Ops Pre-Orders are Outpacing Modern Warfare 2174,3174.8
Wii Fit used to diagnose football-related concussions01,4394.7
Sony is “yet to share” more unannounced PS3 titles11,5874.7
A taste of Vanquish in a week11,4664.5
“Major graphic overhaul” for Medal of Honor’s multiplayer42,2794.7
Ban hammer to take down Red Dead cheaters and hackers75,9704.3
EA not backing down on Medal of Honor controversy22,0694.7
Halo:Reach - Leaked Images [Armor Effects/Firefight Voices/Skulls]3424,4804.6
Modern Warfare 2 - New Quarantine Chaos v2 Mods5611,7844.8
Halo: Reach Multiplayer Match on Pinnacle41,8924.5
Medal Of Honor | Campaign Gameplay with Sniper Gameplay22,1984.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition01,4774.7
DICE involved in Hot Pursuit reboot11,5614.7
What happens when PlayStation Plus games expire?38,9054.7
Subway restaurants offer early access to PlayStation Move in new contest11,8854.5
Away Wii go: 30 million Wiis sold in US52,1344.8
Treyarch confirms World at War zombies in Black Ops special editions389,4634.6
Halo Reach listed at $1250 on Xbox Live Marketplace (and why you can't buy it)146,2254.4
Black Ops reveals its Prestige Edition, RC car beats night vision goggles?3010,7474.5
Goldeneye 007 To Get Golden Controller73,5364.1
Bungie Looking For PlayStation 3 Engineer123,6794
EA Sports MMA heavyweight roster revealed13,1604.7
EU PlayStation Plus subscribers get Mafia 2 demo early31,7464.7
30 million Wiis sold in the US21,5874.5
Rumour – Activision working on subscription model for Black Ops multiplayer326,8353.3
Activision confident that Infinity Ward “will rise from the ashes”195,1814.3
Modern Warfare 2 glitch unlocks five SNK XBLA games216,0524.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer vid reveals recording, editing21,8964.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer video reveals recording, editing408,4944.9
FIFA Soccer 11 cover to feature Ricardo 'Kaka' Izecson dos Santos Leite33,0504.6
Black Ops is Activision’s ‘biggest investment’ ever92,7834.4
Bungie’s next game definitely coming to PS3143,7824.4
Activision on used game struggle21,6914.5
THQ slams Modern Warfare’s “steroided-out super soldiers”83,6164.7
Halo: Reach achievements released, promise plenty of boom-headshot fun73,0284.7
Red Dead Redemption update reduces griefing, hangovers21,9704.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops coming to DS31,9844.8
PS3 selling like a very hot, very delicious cake33,1664.4
Sony re-release System Software update 3.4122,4614.4
Kinect gobbles up ‘less than 1%’ of 360’s CPU52,2734.6
Call of Duty map packs sell 20 million102,9364.7

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