The Tech Game: May 2010

NPD: Console and PC gaming on the rise, portable gaming down11,7404.6
Interview: Call of Duty: Black Ops producer Dan Bunting02,9044.7
Black Ops will be big, analyst expects85,4294.4
Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Tour with Fourzerotwo103,2694.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops first impressions22,7664.6
Black Ops will “exceed expectations,” is Treyarch’s best game102,8754.5
NPD: Extreme gamers play 48 hours a week31,8234.4
'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock' coming this holiday, according to lis12,5004.7
SCEE president alludes to upcoming paid PSN subscription option31,7734.5
Test Drive Unlimited 2 drives off the lot Sept. 2122,0664.5
Guerilla demos Killzone 3; promises a more epic, varied experience01,5114.5
Details on premium PSN coming “soon”01,3264.6
Project Natal a “midlife kicker”01,3594.7
Analyst expects PS3 to outsell 360 by 3.5M this year21,3314.5
Rumor: Project Natal priced at $150; bundled with Arcade SKU for $30011,4584.5
Modern Warfare 2 gets Double XP this weekend82,7504.6
Rumor: Sony to reveal 'PSN+' subscription service at E3 201001,2134.7
Games on Demand gets CoD4, BF2, Battlestations: Midway22,6974.6
Finally, a Wii Sports Resort rowing exercise machine22,5184.1
Sonic 4 delayed until late 2010, will be released on iPhone11,4154.6
Halo: Reach grabs September 14 release date31,5534.7
Sony offering PSP developers code to 'slow down' piracy11,6664.7
Red Dead Redemption, Split/Second debut on UK charts11,5444.6
Los Angeles residents invited to playtest Ghost of Sparta01,6764.7
BFBC2 stats show what console players like52,3684.5
Majority of UK’s Red Dead Redemption sales on the 36011,5914.7
Red Dead crisis in the UK42,0614.5
Natal’s line-up too big to fit all publishers, will “overshadowâ�01,2634.7
Google celebrates Pac-Man's 30th anniversary with playable logo105,7514.5
Sonic 4 delayed until late 2010, will be released on iPhone11,4344.6
NPD: 1600 MS Points card best-selling 'accessory' for two months82,7134.4
PS3 not bought for its exclusives, research says21,4124.6
Modern Warfare 2 DLC breaks PSN records, too01,4424.6
Call of duty : Black-Ops Full gameplay Trailer265,5924.7
OXM confirms features in Call of duty - Black-ops126,3544.6
Rumour – Project Natal priced at $200 in Sweden82,6534.7
The Halo: Reach beta's final weekend (probably)52,1864.7
PC: Black Ops one ups Modern Warfare 2, has dedicated servers72,9864.6
Alan Wake add-on sees the light in July01,3494.7
The Fallout: New Vegas box art12,0224.6
Nintendo files lawsuit against NY seller of 'illegal video game copiers21,9814.5
Rumor: Wolfenstein developer now working on Call of Duty01,4414.7
Domain registrations hint at Activision’s Call of Duty plans42,0864.6
Modern Warfare 2 'Resurgence Pack' adding five more maps on June 3rd3816,4384.6
NES RetroVision: play Game Boy games on your NES02,3914.7
Laser projector stuck to Wii Remote for faux 360-degree immersion01,9184.6
Iwata addresses Wii's future and 3DS at investors briefing01,3214.6
Air Force disappointed by PS3's Other OS removal21,9294.4
Rumor: 250GB PS3 bundled with MLB '10 in June01,6714.4
Microsoft steps up 3D efforts22,3494.7
Rumor: Sony prepping PSP 201,7684.5
Bad Company 2 gets four-way co-op Onslaught mode11,4984.6
Guess when Trials HD will hit a million and win loot32,1914.5
Battlefield 1943 the best-selling XBLA/PSN game ever21,7334.8
BFBC2 sells 5 million, makes 'great strides' towards EA's FPS21,6774.7
Sony slapped with two more class-action suits over Other OS removal11,7004.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops brings the Cold War to Wii Nov. 901,4094.7
New CoD: Black Ops details show four-way co-op62,5334.8
BioShock 2 getting fixed01,4874.6
Call of Duty: The War Collection Leaked42,0184.2
Left 4 Dead 2 gets permanent Realism Vs mode, new weekly Mutation01,5284.8
MW2 Ranked spawn mod166,1854.5
New Comic Announced For Twisted Pixels 'Comic Jumper'01,4884.7
Activision CEO teases Call of Duty plans for China, Korea01,4834.6
Activision to fund costs of Bungie project, which will occupy nearly 200 staff01,3904.7
Ubisoft launches UBIShop online store (no relation to Bishop's Univ.)01,5244.6
Call of Duty has delivered 17M map packs01,4114.8
LA Times: David O. Russell in talks for Uncharted film11,4694.6
HAWX 2 taking off this fall21,6114.6
Halo: Reach Betabusters: things you probably didn't know about the beta42,2544.5
Reggie: five million Wiis sold this year; almost a million have 'participated' i01,3854.7
Nintendo expects falling profits for fiscal 200901,4524.7
PSN Tuesday: MW2's Stimulus Package11,6984.6
Medal of Honor rebooting on Oct. 12, 201031,6554.6
Official Call of Duty Black Ops Teaser Trailer13,0234.8
Official Call of Duty Black Ops Teaser Trailer184,6114.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops set for Nov. 9, 201093,5784.6

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