The Tech Game: November 2009

Modern Warfare 2, Mario, Assassin's Creed 2 still running the UK charts02,2944.6
Nintendo investigating possible copyright infringement in new Nokia smartphone42,3964.6
Robin Williams plays Call of Duty, named his daughter Zelda (guess why!)62,2174.6
New Splatterhouse screens -- now with more blood!41,7014.5
Royal Navy sailors given PSPs to 'encourage studying'62,0864.7
BBC iPlayer for 360 indefinitely postponed due to disagreement with Microsoft73,3264.7
Report: Splinter Cell: Conviction to have co-op, new multiplayer mode61,6674.6
Nintendo UK announces Reflect Missile for DSiWare, releases it51,9434.7
Microsoft's Marc Whitten sees Natal replacing television remote controls82,3524.7
iPhone App gives Xbox Live users complete control on the go236,9774.5
Microsoft reveals usage stats for Facebook, Last.fm22,2804.5
Japan facing Final Fantasy XIII oversaturation crisis01,4964.6
Santa's Dragon Quest IX cameo now available in Japan02,0604.6
Support ask a cappers button remapping122,0934.6
OFLC rating reveals Q-Games' Reflect Missile, Nintendo publishing41,7484.7
Splash Damage's Brink wants to change your mind on multiplayer41,7424.7
Call of Duty now a $3 billion franchise62,3754.6
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's new enemy is all kinds of creepy63,4684.7
MS Points, assemble! Transformers Avatar items on Xbox Live133,5164.6
European PSN releases for November 2601,5244.7
Valve addresses Left 4 Dead 2 server lag on Xbox 36052,1264.7
Here come some new challengers in this Super Street Fighter IV trailer01,4494.6
Australian Attorney General Atkinson plans appeal of Modern Warfare 2 rating111,9854.7
Nintendo: 80 percent of female console gamers prefer Wii72,6084.7
Miyamoto: Mario originally named 'Mr. Video,' couldn't jump32,0164.6
Analyst: Modern Warfare 2 DLC could make $140 million in 201092,2434.5
Namco prepares a Raging Blast of Dragon Ball DLC31,6594.7
All the great Rock Bands started at Old Navy41,5654.7
Saints Row 2, LEGO Indy hit Games on Demand72,5184.6
Banned PSN player sues Nintendo and Microsoft123,2664.6
Datel suing Microsoft over Max Memory card lockout62,5524.5
Microsoft says it's 'well within legal rights' to ban consoles72,8444.6
Miyamoto thinks his college degree wouldn't get him a job at Nintendo today32,1474.7
BBFC: Sega compiling Sonic games for DS11,7524.7
Nintendo DSi LL gets DS-ected02,3194.6
Japanese Nintendo downloads: MSX games, Eco Shooter, and 16 more11,5824.7
US Air Force to purchase 2200 more PS3s72,0024.5
LittleBigPlanet Creator's Edition DLC delayed, producer apologizes11,6534.5
Get a free DivX movie with these 5 not-so-easy steps11,4474.7
Rumor: Uncharted movie gets new writers11,4594.7
New York State will issue emergency alerts via Xbox Live51,5754.7
Play old Atari games at the new Atari.com01,4604.6
Whitten: Xbox Live banning 'a cat and mouse game'93,0224.7
Activision: Modern Warfare 2 earned $550 million in first five days203,4784.7
Hackers create dueling New Super Mario Bros. Wii level editors74,5264.5
PS3 firmware 3.10 offering Facebook integration today132,4174.8
Halo: Reach premiere to pull in VGA audience Dec. 1282,4794.6
Developers frustrated with ESRB cheaters81,7334.8
Splinter Cell Conviction to feature in-game advertising during torture scenes41,6884.7
Hackers apparently create dedicated MW2 servers, gain super powers114,0744.6
Rumor: MW2 recalled in Russia due to 'No Russian' scene5110,3844.4
Conundrum: Xbox Live tops 2 million simultaneous users183,1124.7
Fox & Friends gets 'fair and balanced' with Modern Warfare 2 discussion175,5304.4
Modern Warfare 2 breaks record with 4.7 million in day-one sales132,5724.4
Activision catches both pirates and thieves in Modern Warfare 2 investigation214,1174.5
Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Icons (The Real Ones)3410,7804.4
Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer disables Xbox Live party chat386,3174.7
MS Point-buying dog gets Gamertag, owner gets refund225,2584.5

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