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Over the last few days, Fall Guys has become the latest major success for the video game industry. As such, the multiplayer battle royale game already has fans brainstorming ideas for potential crossovers, including artist @Adrotito on Twitter. The artist posted an image of Fall Guys characters dressed in skins evoking Fortnite's Llama Loot Pinata, and Cuddle Team Leader. The image caught the ...read more
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The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port launched a few days ago and fans have been wondering about why it crashes so often – one person took a closer look, and wasn’t happy with what they found. The news comes from Reddit, where an anonymous programmer shared their findings after investigating the game’s “dump files.” “So, as a programmer myself, I took the liberty to investigate the dump ...read more
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With the end of the longest football season ever fast approaching, it’s almost time for the latest refresh to EA’s flagship franchise and a new batch of Ultimate Team Icons with FIFA 21. FIFA 21 has already been confirmed as a cross-generation title, and while you can claim a next-gen upgrade for free, we know that the current-gen version will drop on October 6, 2020.
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The first Fast & Furious Crossroads reviews have been published following the game’s release last week, with each offering an extremely critical verdict on the movie tie-in. Eurogamer calls the Bandai Namco game “a car crash” that’s “so basic, so lacking polish and so packed full of fundamental oversights and errors you’ve got to wonder what calamity befell its ...read more
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Later this month, golf fans will get a chance to virtually master their swing with PGA Tour 2K21. The new game in the stable of sports titles from 2K Games will continue on the legacy HB Studios’ The Golf Club, with many different courses to play through. And we do mean many here. It will be coming to a variety of platforms, including PC, and the barrier of entry there isn’t too bad. 2K ...read more
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A couple of months ago we reported on alleged RTX 3080 specs, these following a leak reported on by IgorsLAB. These specs listed the RTX 3080 Ti at 11GB GDDR6X memory, and the RTX 3080 at 10GB, with only the RTX “3090 Super/Ti/Titan” offering more than 20GB memory. Now, however, there’s a rumour that the entire top-end of Nvidia’s RTX 30-series lineup will offer much more memory than this ...read more
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Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 76 has made a pretty decent turnaround since launch. This isn’t necessarily difficult given the dumpster fire that was its first year of launch but the community at least seems satisfied with how Wastelanders turned out. However, what’s going on with mod support? Private servers/worlds were added with Fallout 1st but mod support is nowhere to be seen. ...read more
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Sam Fisher is making another comeback and this time around will be venturing over to Rainbow Six Siege. Well, it’s official: Ubisoft is apparently dead-set on bringing Sam Fisher to every one of its properties except for, you know, Splinter Cell. Revealed in a new trailer this afternoon, Ubisoft announced that Sam Fisher, the iconic protagonist from the Splinter Cell series, is now set to ...read more
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Capcom veteran Yoshinori Ono, who’s been at the company for nearly 30 years and has been the executive producer of the Street Fighter series for over a decade, has announced that he will be leaving the Japanese company this Summer. Ono recently took to Twitter confirm the same, and though he did not provide any reasons for his departure, he said that a “new generation” of Capcom staff ...read more
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New Fall Guys level Jump Showdown will be added tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12. It will be the first level added since the release of Fall Guys, and developer Mediatonic says it has more levels "coming soon" as well. Jump Showdown is basically an amped-up version of Jump Club, the level where you and the other beans have to jump over a rotating green stick while ducking under a pink stick ...read more
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