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Is The Elder Scrolls 6 going to be console exclusive to the Xbox Series X? This is the question on the mind of every PlayStation gamer with the PS5 looming. When the new Elder Scrolls game will release, nobody knows, and now following Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, nobody knows if it's going to come to PS5 whenever it does drop. That said, let's look at the evidence so far. At the moment more
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Microsoft will be taking a unique approach to the next generation of consoles. The plan is to release two systems that play all the same games, one on the low-end in the form of the Series S and the other other on the high-end with the Series X. It’s part of a strategy to hit both the mainstream and more hardcore audiences in one swipe. But with all that power, how quiet will the Series X be? more
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Following the purchase of Bethesda, there have been a number of rumors regarding whether or not Xbox might purchase other publishers, as well. The most prominent of these rumors has pointed to Sega. It's clear that Microsoft has been looking for ways to expand Xbox's first-party offerings, and Sega's name has recently been added to the mix, for one reason or another. The rumor has become so more
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Microsoft didn't spend $7.5 billion on ZeniMax/Bethesda for its current pipeline alone--the company splashed out that giant fee because it believes in Bethesda's future games. We don't know exactly what those are, but now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has provided a tease. In an appearance on Major Nelson's podcast, Spencer said he knows the "future roadmap" for Bethesda's game studios, and he more
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Expandable storage for the next line of Xbox consoles will provide players with an extra terabyte of space and SSD-tier speed at a pretty high cost One of the biggest issues both Sony and Microsoft are facing in the coming console generation is storage. Games are getting bigger, eating away at the 1TB standard storage size for most consoles. That’s why expandable storage is such a big issue more
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The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War marketing campaign takes another turn toward the secret and conspiratorial with a new teaser video. The second teaser video is playable now on, the site that has previously hosted Black Ops: Cold War reveals of its own and tie-ins with Call of Duty: Warzone. You can see it on the webpage by clicking the arrow on the right side of the more
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Bethesda sounds like it won't be the last purchased that Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios will be making as time moves forward. Microsoft announced that it would be spending a cool $7.5 billion to snatch up ZeniMax Media, and by proxy, Bethesda Softworks, only yesterday, and despite the massive transaction being set to take place at the end of this fiscal period, it doesn’t seem as though the more
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Microsoft has announced Doom Eternal will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in October. Come October 1, Xbox One users with an Xbox Game Pass subscription will be able to download and play Doom Eternal. It will arrive on Game Pass for PC later in 2020. Players of the game have more to look forward to soon, as The Ancient Gods – Part One will also be released on October 20. In it, the legions more
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Earlier today, pre-orders were made available for the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, a lot of fans struggled to get their hands on a pre-order, as sites had a hard time keeping up with demand. A number of fans took to the internet to voice their displeasure with the pre-order process, and the official Xbox Twitter account has now weighed-in on the situation. According to the more
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In a recent interview, the Bethesda founder commented on Microsoft's acquisition of the publisher and about the future of next-gen consoles. In an interview with Inverse, Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver comments on Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the publisher and provides his thoughts on the next-gen consoles.
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