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Video game developers are constantly looking for additional ways to generate revenue from their releases, and it seems Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson is considering advertisements within games as a way to get them in front of consumers. Specifically, the CEO and the team he oversees are looking into how ads could fit into their AAA games, as he stated during the question and answer more
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The nearly nine-year-old Fallout 4 has another update on the way, Bethesda announced this week. Under normal circumstances for a game that's that old, another update would normally be cause for celebration and curiosity about what developers might want to do next with a game that's been out for so long, but in this case, players aren't so optimistic. Some are hopeful that the next update Fallout more
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EA’s latest earnings presentation heavily hinted that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will likely appear before April 2025. The company has steadfastly refused to confirm an actual release date for the game, although more “details on timing” are expected to be revealed at a later date. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could be released this fiscal year One of EA’s earnings slides shown to investors more
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Xbox president Sarah Bond has responded to some of the criticisms faced by the company in the wake of its recent decisions to shutter a bunch of development studios, laying off employees in the process. In an interview with Bloomberg, Bond referred to the decision as one made to ensure the health of Xbox as a business. “You know, it’s always extraordinarily hard when you have to make more
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Former Microsoft employees have suggested that the company’s purchase of Activision Blizzard is partially to blame for ongoing Xbox layoffs. While some employees have been speaking on condition of anonymity, former Microsoft gaming PR executive Brad Hilderbrand has openly voiced his concerns about Game Pass, and the consequences of Activision Blizzard’s purchase. How Activision more
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Fallout games took three of the top 10 places on the UK sales chart in April. That’s according to GSD data published by, which tracks all physical sales and digital sales from most major publishers. Fallout 4 was “comfortably” the No.1 game ahead of EA Sports FC 24, which was a non-mover at No.2, and Helldivers 2, which had topped the UK chart in February and more
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There was immense pressure on Sony at the beginning of the generation to copy Xbox Game Pass’ model of day one first-party releases, but as time goes by, it’s beginning to look like the Japanese giant dodged a bullet. While it has significantly improved its PS Plus offerings, the platform holder has always argued Microsoft’s model of giving away first-party titles day one is more
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Someone nuked Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer's camp in Fallout 76 earlier this week, but the culprit behind the attack says it wasn't personal. "I’ve been planning to catch him for a while now to see if he would agree to a fight," user real1090jake told Kotaku. Spencer has come under fire recently in response to mass layoffs, changes regarding the exclusivity of certain Xbox titles, more
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Japanese games publisher Capcom has been absolutely killing it for many years now, and with its latest annual financial results, it's done it yet again. Thanks to a series of top-selling games in its most popular franchises, the company has reached record high profits for the seventh consecutive year, and the 11th consecutive year of operating income growth. For the financial year ending March more
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In a week that has been something of a bloodbath for longtime rivals Microsoft and Sony, it appears that the dust hasn't quite settled yet for the Xbox platform holder, which just announced the closure of multiple internal studios. New reporting from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier indicates that more pain is coming down the corporate ladder as Microsoft's beleaguered gaming division attempts to cut more
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