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Resident Evil 3 is indeed real and it's set to launch in April. Following its leaking on the PlayStation Store last week, Capcom today formally announced the remake of Resident Evil 3 during PlayStation’s State of Play live stream. Resident Evil 3 was revealed via a new trailer during the stream which showed off the game’s iconic characters of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira once again more
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Red Dead Redemption 2 may be taking PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia players to Mexico in the future via Red Dead Online or via a single-player expansion. That, or at one point Rockstar Games' open-world western included northern Mexico just like its predecessor. As you may remember, in the first game, Mexico was a big part of the map, and also played a big role in the game's story. However, more
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A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player has made a startling discovery that reveals one gun in the game is terribly broken. Whether this is a design issue or simply a bug, is unclear, but what's obvious is that PS4, Xbox One, and PC players should avoid using it. More specifically, one player recently discovered that something is wrong the 357 when using Snake Shot. Taking to Reddit, the player more
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For awhile now, rumors and reports have been circulating that GTA 6 will take the Grand Theft Auto series back to Vice City, and also take it to South America. The short version is that many rumors have suggested that the next installment from Rockstar Games -- which is presumably in development for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett -- will be set in multiple areas, with Vice City and somewhere in South more
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The developer of PUBG is testing a major tweak to the blue zone that could fundamentally change the game. PUBG, perhaps more than any other battle royale, can sometimes reward players who sit and wait things out. If you happen to be near the safe zone, the best strategy is often to camp in a building and hold until the blue zone forces you to move. As part of the recently started PUBG Labs more
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Dragon Ball is in the midst of a surge of popularity right now, and the franchise is probably more popular now than it’s ever been (which is saying a lot since the series was massive in the late 90s and early 00s as well). It can almost be hard to believe just how old the franchise is, though, and how we now have people well into their 30s and 40s who enjoyed the series in various forms, more
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While the next entry in the Battlefield series will be taking a hiatus and not releasing until next gen consoles are on the market, Battlefield 5 is still running pretty strong, and there’s plenty of juice left in that tank until the next game comes, including a very requested feature and a familiar setting. Fans of the franchise will know Wake Island well. It’s been a staple of the series more
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Fortnite is at it again. Moments ago, a strange audio message played across the Fortnite map, suggesting a big event is on the horizon, which recent teasing and in-game developments have also suggested. For those that missed it: the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile battle royale game briefly interrupted and scared players with a bizarre audio message that repeated "testing, 1, 2, more
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Guy Beahm is one of the most popular streamers going today, thanks to his Dr Disrespect persona – and it seems we’re about to learn a whole lot more about the character through the magic of television. Beahm has signed a deal with Skybound Entertainment, the production company behind The Walking Dead, to create a new TV show. The Dr Disrespect TV show will tell the character’s backstory more
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GTA Online will get one more Heist, this time set at the recently opened Diamond Resort and Casino. Starting December 12, you will be tasked with breaching the vault and taking revenge on the Duggan family. And you will also open up your own Arcade business as a front for your criminal activities.
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