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Soon, GTA Online players will be able to spin the Lucky Wheel when the Casino in Vinewood Hills opens later this summer. Once open, the Diamond Casino and Resort will be the “largest mass entertainment complex” of its kind in GTA Online. Not only will it contain a “state-of-the-art” gaming facility, you will be able to do a bit of shopping, and enjoy some entertainment. Does this more
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EA’s implementation of loot boxes has come under plenty of fire, even relative to the general outcry against the mechanic. The pushback against Battlefront 2 loot boxes was so intense that EA reworked the entire system, and the wild popularity of FIFA Ultimate Team means that it has gotten scrutiny even from watchdog groups and governmental organisations. Kerry Hopkins, EA’s VP of legal more
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Sen. Bernie Sanders, a candidate for President of the United States in the impending election season, said in a Tweet today that he supports the unionization of game developers. Sharing a link to a Times story on burnout and unionization, Sanders Tweeted:
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PUBG has received a new update today on the game’s test servers on PC. This is PUBG’s 30th patch after leaving Steam Early Access, and it’s one of the most significant. Last week’s Erangel overhaul does not return, but there’s still plenty to get excited about. It’s a big download, too, at 17.4GB. The most significant addition in today’s patch is a ping and radio communication more
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CD Projekt Red has revealed that, to date, The Witcher series has sold over 40 million copies, half of which have been The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has now surpassed 20 million copies sold. For those that don't know: The Witcher spans three games, but it wasn't until the third game that the series really found mainstream success. In other words, it's quite incredible to see the series at over more
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Ubisoft’s big Title Update 4 is now out for The Division 2, and that means there’s another Specialization for players to experiment with. This new Specialization is called the “Gunner,” and it’s the first post-launch release of its kind. Those who play as a Gunner will wield a massive minigun capable of laying down a hail of bullets to suppress enemies and have new skills and items used more
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Final Fantasy VIII is finally coming back to us with the release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered later in the year. The ‘lost’ PlayStation Final Fantasy has been absent for far too long, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the game’s return to modern machines. Thankfully, it’ll also sound very familiar, too. The recent re-releases of Final Fantasy VII and IX were actually based on more
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The CEO of Take-Two Interactive says that he expects to see smaller gaps between the publisher’s major releases in future. In an interview with, Strauss Zelnick says that the gaps between games aren’t likely to get much wider than they already are. Zelnick says that “our ability to engage with consumers on an ongoing basis” thanks to services like GTA Online means more
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Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer is now prowling the Entity’s twisted playgrounds now that Ghostface has been released. After spending some time on the game’s test servers for some players to get an early look at Ghostface while Behaviour Interactive ironed out any problems, the character is now available across all platforms. There’s no Survivor attached to this chapter nor is there a more
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It looks like the next Rainbow Six Siege limited-time event is close, because leaks are getting serious. The theme of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege event appears to be a Wild West robbery. After an assortment of Wild West-themed skins popped up in the game’s files, a new datamine revealed what the event may actually be. Spotted by PCGamesN, audio from the in-game narrator has leaked, more
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