With $35 million backing Twitter to help it go from geek to mainstream, the amount is expected to help it keep up with the growth it has recently received. Twitter has seen a 900% growth in users in a year, with a wide range of users and businesses reporting every event of their daily activities. Twitter hasn't actually made any revenue off the business as of yet, where it mostly focuses on more
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It has taken surprisingly long but two satellites, one US and the other a Russian, have smashed into each other high above the Earth. With approximately 18,000 pieces currently being tracked in space it's impressive that it took until now for a collision to actually occur. "They collided at an altitude of 790 kilometers (491 miles) over northern Siberia Tuesday about noon Washington time," more
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Microsoft has recently appointed David Porter Corporate Vice President of retail stores, who has 25 years experience with Wal-mart and 2 years with DreamWorks Animation in 2007. In a recent post on Neowin, a video demonstrated a futuristic fake Microsoft store that took a look into the Redmond head office store. The move to open up a retail store would compete with Apple in the operating system more
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In an attempt to put pressure on the criminals responsible for the Conficker worm outbreak that has infected more than 9 million Windows PCs worldwide since late December, Microsoft today announced that it will offer $250,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for illegally launching the Conficker aka Downadup worm. Microsoft urges individuals more
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On Thursday, Midway Games filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means it will still plans to stay in operations and not liquidate its stock, to ward off creditors. The company is unlikely to pay off the $281 million debt it has occurred over the years. The filing came the same day Square Enix Co., a company based in Tokyo, Japan, known for Final Fantasy, offered to buy Britain's Eidos more
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With thousands of phones in the market, companies are looking for ways to cut costs to give the users the best overall experience, along with a cheap price tag to attract a user base. Mobile phones are now a multi-purpose device, so bringing in both consumers and developers is needed to turn a profit with an overcrowded cell phone market. Telefonica, one of the largest mobile operators in the more
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Nintendo has released its planned 2009 launch schedule for Europe and the United States. The United States Nintendo DS Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (16/02/2009) Pokemon Platinum version (22/03/2009) Personal Trainer: Walking (2009) Rhythm Heaven (2009) Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (Temp.) (2009) Nintendo DSi (hardware) (Spring-Summer 2009) Nintendo Wii Mario Power Tennis (??/03/2009) Pikmin more
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The Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events on earth. It attracts hundreds of millions of viewers each year and even more dollars will be spent on advertising. Have you ever wondered what kind of technology is behind the curtains to make it all possible? This year NBC is leaving no inch of the field uncovered. First off there will be "400 on-site production and engineering personnel" more
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Pope Benedict XVI, or more appropriately, the Vatican as a whole, have created a YouTube account. The Assosciated Press is reporting that the Vatican hopes to utilize the growing medium of online media to unite the Pope's audience. Such a move was not made without criticism however, as the Pope warned that he "isn't embracing virtual communication without some reservation." The Pope, in a more
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The Internet job web site, was attacked by hackers again for the second time since 2007. In this instance hackers have stolen user data directly from the database, including user ID's, passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and even basic demographic data. has urged web site users immediately change their password on the web site. Possible phishing emails may more
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