An online fact sheet has detailed the pricing structure for Microsoft's newly announced Avatar-occupied Game Room, and we'd suggest gamers stock up on Microsoft funny money. Players have three options: 400 ($5) grants a dual-platform license (playable on Xbox 360 and PC), 240 ($3) gets you the virtual arcade cabinet on one platform (Xbox 360 or PC), and, for the old-fashioned types, 40 ($0.50) is more
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While Microsoft's CES announcement that Xbox Live "is now an active community of over 20 million people" is somewhat blunted by Sony's claim of 38 million PlayStation Network accounts (though if our dozens of collective PSN accounts are any indication, some of us have more than one), Redmond did have some other numbers to share regarding Xbox and Xbox Live during tonight's CES keynote. First, more
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Sure, Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode has already sucked you in, but just imagine what would happen if you added an invigorating soundtrack to all those bullet-soaked moments? Well, guess what: The game's soundtrack composer, Hans Zimmer, recently indicated in a Facebook note that the "soundtrack album is in the works." That's right -- soon you'll be able to take the orchestrated drama more
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EA Sports president Peter Moore recently restated the publisher's commitment to golfer Tiger Woods in a blog post, despite the once pristine athlete's incredibly public fall from grace. Moore reaffirmed that EA's relationship with Woods has always been "rooted in golf" and that the company "didn't form a relationship with him so that he could act as an arm's length endorser." As for Tiger's more
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If it weren't for the fact that the recent "Andrew Brown asks" is a featured piece on UK-based MCV, the answers to his questions repeatedly starting with "Whilst" would have likely tipped us off to the Britishness of the feature and all involved. Both Sony's Ray Maguire and Nintendo's David Yarnton employ the subordinating conjunction whilst responding to questions about everything from the more
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Capcom announced today that a demo for its upcoming jetpacktion game, Dark Void, will be available this week on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The demo, which promises "a combination of thrilling aerial dog-fighting, unique vertical cover action and on-foot combat," will be released Wednesday, January 6 on Xbox Live Marketplace and Thursday, January 7 on PSN. Wait, did it say we'd be fighting more
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With the exception of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII, games have rarely needed more than the 25 GB offered by a standard single-layer Blu-ray disc. The lack of demand hasn't stopped Sony and Panasonic, though. The two companies have developed a new technology called "i-MLSE" that can increase the capacity of a single-layer disc by about a third, to 33.4 GB. According to Nikkei more
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If you haven't managed to weasel your way into the MAG beta through the dozen or so channels that have popped up over the past few months, you've now got a sure-fire way to enlist in the Shadow War. Starting today, anyone can download and play MAG, without the cumbersome requirement of a GameStop pre-order or Qore subscription. If you're interested, hop on it with a quickness -- the beta's only more
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Following another week of tepid new releases (er, were there any releases at all?), and despite a 41-percent drop in sales, Modern Warfare 2 remained atop the UK all-formats sales chart for the week ending January 2. This marked the eighth straight week that Modern Warfare 2 led UK game sales, a feat unequaled since the gritty street sequel, Need for Speed: Underground 2, captured the British more
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A few weeks ago, the fruits of four years of labor finally paid off for independent film studio BMB Finishes when its Zelda-based movie, The Hero of Time, was released for public consumption over the internets. Reaction to the film was mixed, but it seemed like everyone appreciated the 1,460 days of hard work that went into the feature-length film's creation. Apparently, that's not the case -- more
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