Battlefield Devs Slam Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

It’s a big day for Call of Duty, what with the Infinite Warfare trailer having dropped and details about developer Infinity Ward’s latest effort finally being revealed, but it seems not everyone was impressed with the latest Call of Duty’s trailer. More specifically, the people from DICE, the makers of the Battlefield franchise have gone on Twitter to react to the Infinite Warfare trailer, and it’s not your usual empty tweets of platitudes.

DICE Video & Media Editor Roland Smedberg reacted to the Infinite Warfare trailer on Twitter, calling it “quaint.”

In case you didn’t know, this week has started with a bang which many first-person shooter fans are excited about. It’s also set to end with fireworks, with the new Battlefield game announcement stream. At the end of the week we should know exactly how each game compares in setting and style of gameplay.

It seems the competition between Call of Duty and Battlefield remains as fierce as ever. What do you make of these comments? What did you think of the Infinite Warfare trailer?

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I mean I don't disagree, the graphics could certainly be better. But that doesn't justify publicly bashing someone else's work they put hours upon hours into. That seems a little over the top to me.

Nevertheless, I am excited for Modern Warfare Remastered and Battlefield 5. Can't wait to get back into 64 player battles again, and I especially can't wait to play "All Ghillied Up" once more.


Haha! I guess their gona need to step their game up to impress these guys


They can say what they want about the graphics (graphically, that wasn't the best trailer I admit), but Call of Duty has almost always felt good to play to me. As for Battlefield, nope. They always look good, but I don't usually have fun with them. It's kind of like when one of the heads of Sledgehammer said that they are making a game and not just an engine. While I know it isn't totally true on Battlefield's part, that is just how I kind of felt about it. It played nothing like how it looked.


LikeCrazy Obvious jealousy because battlefield has never been able surpass CoD regardless of how shit it gets

only because battlefield is for the men not little kids like cod so I hardly think they are jealous when battlefield is better than cod these days


Obvious jealousy because battlefield has never been able surpass CoD regardless of how shit it gets


I can't wait for this game! I think the campaign will be very fun as every CoD has a good campaign.


And death animations that are 9 years old. Lazy


I only want to play the remastered COD4 as Infinite Warfare looks trash. I'd prefer not to give them the satisfaction of spending money on this trash game just to get COD4 remastered. I bet down the road they'll release it for purchase individually which then I'll be happy to purchase. Till then I'll hold off for now. They'll spin it like Infinite Warfare will be the best seller of all time yet COD4 will be the most played game xD


Lmao this showed up on my newsfeed on Facebook

If link doesn't work idk how else to share it but look up breadedchickenn. It's so true about cod


Hehe. Battlefiled is much better game than all those new cods!! hardline was a good idea but it got bored after a few months. But still BF forever!!!