Four more games added to backwards compatibility

Microsoft released four more games to the backwards compatibility list.

The four games added are: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Trials HD, LEGO Batman and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space.

The list is ever growing ever since Microsoft announced they will be releasing games as they become available, instead of a set release date.

What games are you wanting to see added? Let us know in the comments below!

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I just want Red dead redemption and Black ops 1. Been waiting forever, but hopefully they get released within the next 6 months at the very least.


bo2,bo1 ecft good games added lool


Would like to see Bo2 added although I highly doubt it will


Alan Wake is a great addition the others I prob won't every play.


This doesn't effect on me.. I dont like any of these.


mw2 is THE best game in the cod series id like to see it added as well as halo wars


From what I remember Alan Wake is quite an old game? Never got to try it out


Trials HD is a good game the rest are rubbish.


gtapro151 and the black ops and halo wars we where promised long ago? Not lets add some dum ass lego thing

Black Ops will be available soon, i can feel it!

Hopefully dude! ive been waiting to play some MOON zombie map so bad!!


All I want is BO1 to be added. It was meant to be out December apparently and now it's February, such a joke. Maybe some other CODs and maybe Ultra Street Fighter 4 because SF5 is PS4 exclusive.