Four more games added to backwards compatibility

Microsoft released four more games to the backwards compatibility list.

The four games added are: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Trials HD, LEGO Batman and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space.

The list is ever growing ever since Microsoft announced they will be releasing games as they become available, instead of a set release date.

What games are you wanting to see added? Let us know in the comments below!

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MW2, WaW, and CoD 4 are the games im hoping they release


Actually all of these games in this list I actually enjoy. Will be a lot of fun to replay these games on next gen.


I really want COD Bo1 and Bo2.


Wish ps4 would get backwards comparability however as far as I'm aware that will never happen


1989 Some decent games i guess. Now just need BO1

BO1 was announced many months back to come in Jan beginning of feb. It's yet to come I don't get it


really excited about trials hd, i used to no life that game haha


Decent but I want BO1 already! :(


Some decent games i guess. Now just need BO1


Just add black ops 1 2 and skate 3


Hurleh Just add a cod already lol

that's what I'm saying..
I don't care for many other games

I really dont get why they are not just going for the games that we want most.... they clearly have seen what the community wants and they are "trying" to obtain the right to bring backwards compatibility but come on is it really that hard? It would also be a huge thing for the games that are being updated.

Xbox needs Activisions "Okay" in order to add the Call of Duty's. tho I did hear one is coming to backwards Compatibility. the reason for it is taking so long, because Black Ops 3 is doing pretty good for sales and if they bring back others now, it may hurt the sales on player averages.