Xbox 360 Disc Scratching Lawsuit Moves Forward

Much to the likely chagrin of Microsoft, a federal judge announced this week that he was letting a lawsuit that had to do with the Xbox 360 console scratching some game discs to move forward. Ars Technica is reporting the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals made the ruling on Monday and basically set the table for Microsoft to have to face off against a potential class-action lawsuit. This ruling is actually the second one that appears to be a rather big loss for the company. In March another court said the firm could be the victims of a class action suit.

The suit, which dates back to 2007 says that Microsoft “negligently designed and manufactured” the Xbox 360. The suit also says that the console was “unable to withstand even the smallest of vibrations, and that during normal game playing conditions discs spin out of control and crash into internal console components, resulting in scratched discs that are rendered permanently unplayable.”

In return, Microsoft has said that the disc-scratching issues affected only 0.4 percent of systems by disc-scratching. The company further argues that the main cause of gouged discs is actually consumer misuse, not a product defect. It appears the company is taking this seriously enough that it has actually included a clause in the Xbox One terms of service that doesn’t allow for people to file class action suits because of any defects with the Xbox One that might be found. That won’t protect the company against whatever is coming when it comes to the Xbox 360.

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Thi has never, ever happened to me. I've had an arcade for 7 years plus my slim and nothing has ever happened with either. It has to be an incredibly small margin


1995 Only game this ever happened to me with was Modern Warfare 3

mine was waw trying to iso swap. bwahaha


Only disc that has been scratched due to these issues was MW3 and I wasn't even mad. MW3 ruined my CoD experience.


Happened to me with lots of games, shame there only just coming through with something...


Only game this ever happened to me with was Modern Warfare 3


The Xbox 360 arcade scratched so many of my discs, I hope Microsoft loses this.


Me and my friends have had this happen to us many times. Is there a place that you can sign up to be part of this lawsuit?


Never had this problem, luckily


I had to replace that laser in the console multiple times because it would benefit out of focus and the every once in a while bump into the disk. That was the Xbox slim. Not sure why it happened but it ruined a few disks.


MrTitanfall man forget the scratch rings, i wanna see microsoft pay for the RROD!!!!!!

Same... these issues were terrible. So happy they aren't a legit problem anymore.

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