Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscription price cut to $40

Microsoft is currently offering $20 off a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Normally the price of a yearly subscription will cost you $60, but a promotion is currently going on through the Microsoft Store offering it to you for just $40.

There is no clear information on whether this is just a temporary promotion or when it will end. This offer is only valid to US customers.

Head over to the Microsoft Store to pick up your 12 month subscription to Xbox Live for just $40!

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WHAT!! I didn't know about this 0_0


Looks like a nice deal to me. I just might have to buy some more Gold.


iRep_Jr its like 25 in the united kingdom

Isn't american money of higher value though?


This I guess would be appealing to some


its like 25 in the united kingdom


WWII $60 is the normal price in the states holy s***

What is it for you? I don't see how your price is any lower.


That's a pretty good deal. But i use a credit card to pay for mine lol


That's pretty cool, liking the deals xbox are starting to do more.


Idk if there's a bug with my account but I had free xbox live on the one since the release of the xbox one. On the xbox 360 has me as a silver account but I'm gold on Xbox live.


Only why it's so cheap because xbox 360 servers are shutting down. So it's just a way to make extra money