50% of PS4 owners bought PS Plus

According to Sony's Chief Executive, two million plus PS4 owners have opted in to purchasing PlayStation Plus.

This was revealed during a investor call on Thursday, he was reluctant to offer specific numbers. He did state that there are now more than 150 million PSN accounts, how many of which are suspected to be duplicates was not commented on sadly.

Next-gen PlayStation is performing above expectations"Kaz Hirai"

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I love PS+ it is such an awesome extra that is actually not even that much. I think it is worth much more than Xbox Live. It costs 15 dollars less and it gives you 8 games a month.


I've never purchased PS+, got a year membership in the bundle when I bought my PS4 but have never actually bought it.


Not really surprised as to me it's second nature to buy something like Ps+ or xbox live when it runs out. It's sort of pointless not buying it since you won't be able to go online without it and in my opinion that takes quite a bit of the fun out of having a PS4.


Considering they just bought a 400 dollar system, 50 dollars seems pretty feasible, doesn't it? Don't think the investors should drool over this tidbit.


I wouldn't buy it if I owned a PS


Nope, don't believe it sorry. Not until Sony start giving out some actual backed up figures and facts.


When I played PS3 I loved Playstation Plus. I'm sort of happy Xbox has finally decided to sort of copy the idea, by giving us free materials.


Well Iam not surprised , yiu really need it for the feautures


That is big percentage. Better then none.


xByNovaa Sony have got $10000000+ just from PS+ 0_0

Lol no.
there are other memberships. not just 50$ a year

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