Sonic Frontiers’ free story DLC The Final Horizon is available now

Sega has released the story DLC for Sonic Frontiers, titled The Final Horizon.

Available as a free download, The Final Horizon adds new missions as well as other features.

According to Sega, the update lets players “head back to Ouranos Island and play through additional stories”.

Players will also be able to play as Tails, Knuckles or Amy for the first time in the game, each of whom has their own unique powers and abilities.

As well as the new story content, the DLC includes “new challenges, collectibles and more” as well as numerous bug fixes.

The Final Horzon is the third and final free update for Sonic Frontiers, which was initially released in November 2022.

The first update, titled Sights, Sound and Speed, was released in March 2023 and added new Challenge modes called Battle Rush and Cyber Space Challenge, a Photo mode and a Jukebox mode.

The second update followed in June 2023. Titled Sonic’s Birthday Bash, it added a New Game + mode, new collectable Koco, new Open Zone activities and the option to decorate the game with birthday celebrations.

Sonic is set to appear again next month in Sonic Superstars, a new 2.5D side-scrolling platformer set for release on October 17, just three days before Sonic’s one-time rival appears in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Sonic Superstars, which lets players control either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy Rose, is being developed by Arzest, the Japanese studio run by the mascot’s original creator Naoto Ohshima.

According to Sega’s description: “Sonic and his friends’ journey starts on the beautiful North Star Islands, a mystical place offering never-before-seen environments, as well as a mysterious story waiting to unfold.

“Enormous creatures, exhilarating adventures, and evil plans from Dr Eggman await Sonic and his friends, who can now obtain brand-new abilities known as the Emerald Powers when Chaos Emeralds are collected.”

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Free DLCs are where its at. Awesome that they did this


always great to have free DLCs :lipbite:


thats awesome there doing free dlc

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