Deep Rock Galactic spin-off gets free demo on Steam

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op game that everyone should experience with friends at least once. It’s chaotic, featuring procedurally generated caves and endless alien hordes to fight off, but that’s a big part of what hooks players in. A little while back, Funday Games teamed up with Ghost Ship Publishing to reveal a Deep Rock Galactic spin-off called Survivor. Now that the developer has had some time to cook up the highly anticipated game, you can play its free demo on Steam.

When the Deep Rock Galactic spin-off was first announced, I was thrilled. When it comes to survival games, I love the bullet hell action and unique level design in games inspired by Vampire Survivors. Funday Games’ upcoming entry to the relatively new genre fits that bill as it looks fast-paced and fun, featuring our favorite hazard-chasing dwarves from Ghost Ship Games’ original Deep Rock Galactic game. We can now get our first taste of Survivor thanks to its free demo on Steam.

With the demo, you can play as the Scout dwarf through one biome described as being “full of rocks” and “also stones.” There are three hazard levels total right now, with tons of bugs. “The eight-legged kind,” Funday specifies, “not the we-wrote-bad-code-kind.” You’ll need to arm yourself, so the demo includes “many guns” and overclocks, which are great for making “your gun even more gun.”

You can find the developer’s full message and download the demo directly on Steam. It should be up for a while, but we don’t know how long for certain. “The demo will also be available through Steam’s Next Fest, and then for a week or two after that ends on the 16th of October.” Funday hasn’t given us a specific end date yet, though. “We’re not really sure yet when exactly we’ll take it down,” the dev writes, “probably when we feel like it.”

The free demo is only the beginning for Survivor. Deep Rock Galactic’s spin-off will feature multiple characters to play as, a variety of enemies to fight through, lots of weapons to choose from, many more biomes to traverse, and bosses to battle against using the game’s “deep progression system of perks, artifacts, and upgrades.” While there are no Deep Rock Galactic female characters right now, I hope Survivor implements some.

If you’re looking to unearth some other hidden gems, be sure to browse through our list of the best indie games out there. You never know what’s floating around, waiting to be uncovered and played. Alternatively, check out a few of these other cool upcoming PC games if you need something else to look forward to this year. Deep Rock Galactic’s spin-off is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Cool to see a free demo but not my kind of game


Samfs If it's free you know I'm trying it.

free demo

but sure, why not, eh?


didnt know there was a spin off but my buddy is addicted to DRG rn lol


If it's free you know I'm trying it.

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