Fallout 76 Lets Players Play Atlantic City Content Early

Fallout 76 players have known for awhile now that the game's next big expansion will take place in Atlantic City, a locale which, unlike The Pitt which was featured in Fallout 76, is totally new to the Fallout series. Like taking a stroll through Fallout: New Vegas, players will find things like slot machines in casinos and more once the Atlantic City update drops on December 5th, but they won't have to wait that long to get a taste of what Atlantic City offers. That's because starting on October 3rd, content from the Atlantic City update will be added to the game's test servers for people to get an early look over two months in advance.

Technically the test servers are open right now since they reopened their doors on September 28th, but you won't find anything from Atlantic City there at the moment. Bethesda said that it won't be updating its test servers again with the new content until next week on October 3rd, but we've gotten a preview of the preview already.

That preview is only a slight one, however -- despite us knowing about the Atlantic City Expedition for a couple of months, Bethesda has shared precious little about what it'll entail in terms of factions, quests, and other bits of interest. We do know, however, that the Atlantic City content will be split into more than one update. The first of those updates has been referred to as "Boardwalk Paradise," and that's the one that'll be playable soon.

"In case you missed it, last week at the Tokyo Game Show we announced the date for Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise!" Bethesda said recently in the latest Inside the Vault post about the Atlantic City updates. "Cash in your chips, the casino opens on December 5th! Atlantic City brings with it new locations, factions, quests, enemies, rewards, and more!"

A trailer for the Atlantic City Expedition overall was released months ago back when it was first announced. That's the only footage from the game's next big update that we've gotten since June, but that'll change soon as well. Come October 2nd, a new dev diary will be released that'll go over some of the content players can expect from the update with another video to follow that one soon after on October 5th.

One important thing to keep in mind is that Atlantic City isn't all this test server update is about with the other focus being Bethesda's desire to "improve upon the early game experience for new players." As such, it's not allowing players to import their characters for this test server run, so unless an exception is made next week explicitly for Atlantic City, you'll have to start anew whenever that content drops.

Fallout 76's first round of Atlantic City content will be playable on October 3rd.

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Never got into this. Fallout 4 was top tier compared to this.. Cool to see people getting it early though


it's always good to have it early fr


always nice to play or have content early !

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