PlayStation VR2 Internals Shown off in New Teardown Video

Leading up to the launch of the PlayStation VR2, Sony has released a new video showing off the headset’s insides. Check out the teardown video below.

Along with giving us step-by-step instructions on how we can take the PlayStation VR2 apart, the video also gives us a look at the internals, including subjects like how the headset’s cooling and cameras work.

The almost 13-minutes-long video also does quite a bit to show how repairable the new headset will be, and this will undoubtedly be received well by enthusiasts, especially as the headset’s life goes on.

The PlayStation VR2 also recently got a video showing off its unboxing experience, as well as giving us a look at all of the things that will be included in the packaging when it hit stores on February 22.

The video goes step by step in the PlayStation VR2 unboxing experience, and gives quite a bit of attention to the headset’s packaging. The PlayStation VR2 box will include the headset, its controllers, stereo headphones, and a USB cable for charging everything.

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Runts I seen a vid on it off Fb and the vr2 is going to be awesome.

It's definitely going in the right direction and making the next step into this new world. But I'm not sure it quite looks awesome yet!


Repairability? :o I thought this idea must be shunned and made almost impossible these days?


really interesting to see vids like this when a product gets stripped apart


I seen a vid on it off Fb and the vr2 is going to be awesome.

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