Powermat wireless device chargers finally materialize


Powermat has been touting its wireless chargers for awhile now — ever since CES 2009, quite frankly — but now they’re finally available for you, the consumer, to purchase.

The Powermat is a one-pad, one-plug system (pictured above right) that charges all your gadgets in one place without wires. The way it works is that your gadget gets a special “Powermat Receiver” sleeve so that it can use magnetic induction charging to power your devices.

(Aren’t familiar with magnetic induction? If you’ve got an Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush, or a Palm Touchstone charger for your Pre, it’s the same thing.)

The Powermat itself retails for $99.99, and costs another $40 per receiver. The company has cases available for Apple iPhone 3G and iPod touch, RIM BlackBerry (Bold, Curve 8300, Curve 8900, Pearl) and the Nintendo DS portable gaming system.

Cheap? Hardly. Mouth-gapingly cool? Absolutely.

It’s available now at Best Buy and Target stores.

[Via zdnet]



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they need to make one for the xbox360 controller that way i can just sit that mat in my lap and play genous i kno


its f*cking quantum mechanics lmao i soo f@ckin want one


this is awesome. i have heard people talking about it but i thought it was just rumor. the only problem is someone is going to stick one of the charger stickers on his hand and then get electricuted and that will be the end of this.


Yea im with you sewer id rather buy something else like another modded controller hahah


Those are pretty sweet. I want one but would rather spend my money on other things.


Thats awesome. I need to get me one of these. Charge whenever without any cords. Sweet.


They are perfect for clearing up a mess of wires, which is certainly what i need. If the price is right when they are released here, i'll definitely consider it


i need one of those for my controller that would send it across the room.

Then i could play in my bed whilee charging.

Still the current one would be great to have


this is such a good idea to come up with. although they did a good job of hiding the one cord that it requires.


when do you think it will come out?