Halo Infinite Forge maps are twice as big as Halo 5's

The developers at 343 Industries have brought us one final big look at the Halo Infinite Forge, detailing the mode's initial canvases and some of the specific publishing and sharing options we'll see at launch.

When the Halo Infinite Forge launches on November 8, you'll find a file browser in the community tab of the main menu. Here, you can peruse a recommended tab highlighting 343's favorite creations, or you can browse through the most popular maps, modes, and prefabs. You'll also be able to search through tags and keywords. The devs give an example of being able to look up anything with the Eiffel Tower in it.

While the custom game browser won't launch until Season 3 next year, you'll still be able to launch your own custom games and invite friends through the normal interface once Forge goes live.

The bulk of the new video focuses on creators. Forge will launch with six canvases - blank slate levels you can shape into whatever form you want. There's the desert-themed Arid, the space-y Ecliptic, the plains and mountains in Institute, the swamps and marshes of Mires, the underwater Seafloor (a perfect starting point to recreate Halo 5's Fathom), and the community-requested, completely open Void.

You can get a quick look at all those canvases in the video below. The Infinite Forge maps will be double the size of those in Halo 5 - the devs say they map out to 400x400x150 dimensions.

Every save you make while creating a map will be saved in the version history, with potentially hundreds or thousands of versions archived. Those will automatically be deleted after 30 days, but you'll be able to lock versions in to save them from auto-deletion and, of course, you'll be able to publish whichever version you choose.

There are also a number of features to ensure everyone receives proper credit and attribution for their work. Every single person who has contributed to a map will keep their credit in the final release, even if they're later removed from the project. You'll also be able to decide whether or not other players are allowed to clone your map and make their own edits to it. Even if you do allow copies, the full chain of credits will still be visible.

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I'm sure our Maze is happy with this news. the freak


I didn't think there would be much more to come for this game. I uninstalled it after completing the story, I found the multiplayer too similar to Halo 4/5.


Yeah nothing beats halo 3 all around fr.


that's pretty dope can't beat halo 3 forge tho

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