Deathloop and Dishonored Are in the Same Setting – Arkane

Arkane has officially confirmed that Deathloop and Dishonored are set in the same universe. The revelation came through creative director Dinga Bakaba talking in the latest episode of the Xbox podcast.

“Yes indeed, we envisioned Deathloop to be happening in the future, after Death of the Outsider,” said Bakaba, as caught by PC Gamer.

Bakaba went on to talk about how the studio left a few hints and Easter eggs throughout Deathloop that players could link to the Dishonored games.

“There are a lot of clues in the game, actually,” said Bakaba. “There are some that are abused. One of them is really spoiler-y, so voila. But there are a lot of small things, and some that were under people’s noses all the time, but people are just figuring out.”

According to Bakaba, one of his favourite hints in Deathloop is the Dunwall Tower from Dishonored as a logo on the Heritage Gun.

Deathloop was released on PC and PS5 last year. It has now made its way on to Xbox Series X/S, and as a result, is now available on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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Be cool if they brought out a cross over from Dethloop to Dishonored in parts


that is pretty coo to know I guess

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