GTA 6 Actors May Have Been Discovered Following Leaks

The actors for Grand Theft Auto VI's protagonists may have been discovered following the recently leaked footage. Rockstar Games has a history of making incredibly iconic video game protagonists. Tommy Vercetti, John Marston, Arthur Morgan, Trevor Phillips, Niko Bellic, and more all make up some of the best protagonists in gaming, but almost all of them were played by unknown actors at the time. After the PS2 era, Rockstar Games pivoted away from celebrities for a number of reasons, but it also made it so they could create a character from scratch without you hearing or seeing a real person or one of those other characters.

It seems like that same strategy will apply to Grand Theft Auto VI, a game that likely has an outlandish budget and will make heaps of money. Last weekend, Rockstar Games was hacked and over 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto VI footage was leaked. The footage revealed the game's location, new mechanics, and the two playable protagonists, Lucia and Jason. Naturally, the internet went to work and tried to figure out who was playing them. It is believed that Alexandra C. Echavarri plays Lucia and Bryan Zampella plays Jason, though this is purely based on the rough looks we have of the characters and some snippets of their voices. It has been heavily speculated that Alexandra C. Echavarri is playing a character in GTA 6 for a while based on social media posts and a resume that was found online that listed she was playing a "principal character" in a Rockstar Games title. Her resume has since been edited to remove the Rockstar Games mention, but does note it's a Take-Two project, the company that owns Rockstar and 2K Games.

It'll likely be easier to definitively determine the actors when the first proper trailer is released and players get closer, more high-res looks at the protagonists and can hear more lines. Rockstar Games itself didn't reveal the cast for Red Dead Redemption 2 until just ahead of the game's release, so it's likely there won't be much confirmation until closer to the game's release, as to avoid too many people swarming them with questions.

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So what? it's good for publicity, it'll give them more work options


So stupid tbh everything dosent need to be leaked non stop now days


More contacts to ring you 10000 times in 4 seconds lmao. Cannot wait for GTA 6, I still play GTA 5 asif it has only just came out what a game it is so i can only hope GTA 6 is similar but better. (Minus the Oppressor MK2)

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