Xbox 360 YouTube app now 5x faster

In December, Microsoft added a YouTube app for owners of its Xbox 360 console as part of the company's massive increase in non-gaming media apps for the hardware device. Today, Google announced that a major update for the YouTube app is now available to download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

In a post on the YouTube Google + page, the company said, "Achievement Unlocked: The YouTube app on Xbox is now up to 5X faster, and includes channels with official music videos."

Google has been aggressive of late in adding YouTube apps to a number of current game consoles. The app was released for Sony's PS Vita earlier this year and a couple of weeks ago, Playstation 3 owners could also download their own YouTube app. The PS3 version also added support for remote control access via a smartphone, but there is no such support, at least not yet, for the Xbox 360 app.

At E3 2012, Microsoft showed off Xbox Smart Glass, which will allow remote access to the Xbox 360 and many of its apps and games via smartphones and tablets. It's currently unknown if Smart Glass will support the Xbox 360 YouTube app when the feature is released later this fall.




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Aaaaaaaand I'm still never going to use it.


wish they would fix the keyboard! if you dont have one of the keyboard things for your xbox and have to use the contoroller it takes forever to type things


finally its 5x faster


I would use it but I go on the one for the internet its fast for me and videos actually play for whatever reason for me


5x faster not good enough. 10x faster will be good *trollin*


WoW 5x Faster . befor the update it was so slow


yay more space wasted by updates


Amen just another useless update

It actually made it faster. Just got it and tried watching a video, usually it takes about 2 mins to start, but it started right away.

I mean in the sense that people want to be able to play the game and watch youtube at the same time, they should make a in game youtube menu, where they can pull up a side bar and watch a youtube vid while they are in a pregame lobby


Spikers Great! I never actually used the YouTube app on Xbox, But I heard some people complain on how slow it was.
Glad it was fixed.

It was as slow as a slug ;)


Great! I never actually used the YouTube app on Xbox, But I heard some people complain on how slow it was.
Glad it was fixed.

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