Microsoft launches Chinese-language Xbox Live site

Xbox Live now has a Chinese-language site, prompting users to learn about Xbox Live and Windows 8 integration. Xbox Live is not available in China, most likely because of the country's ban on external social networking sites, WMPoweruser notes.

The sign up and sign in links on Xbox Live's Simplified Chinese page take users to English pages, transferring them to American servers. It's unclear if this means Microsoft has found a loophole that will allow Xbox Live to function officially in China, but this is a site in the right direction.




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so they arent aloud to use xbox live but they made a site for the Chinese?


DEEJAYstar46 I don't understand why China are banned.

Its part of their culture. As said above, they're not allowed to go on social networking sites from outside the country. They aren't Banned from being on Xbox Live if that's what your thinking, it's just not allowed.


i'm actually surprised they didn't already have something like this...


Its about time, chinas only maufacturing the damn xbox...


L33t-Ninja-Much hah im learning Chinese in school

Hing Tow Bow?

WTF did i just say!


L33t-Ninja-Much hah im learning Chinese in school

i dont think you advanced enough to understand this


hah im learning Chinese in school


sounds epiccccc


They So XBL is being integrated with Windows 8? Can't wait to see this.

you can go into a party with firends from PC, you can edit/view profile...
i used it in the Beta of Win8.

I know, its awesome!


yea i bet their are going to be cod lobbies the 1st week of release, then perma banns for everybody in one. ohh yea and about the Government sucking in China, ive read all about that in my government class

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