Bethesda Removes Starfield From Gamescom Announcement

Bethesda will be at Gamescom next week, but don’t expect it to bring Starfield with it. The Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher has since scrubbed all mention of both Starfield and Redfall from its Gamescom announcement after promising gameplay for attendees.

Several days ago, Starfield fans noted (via Eurogamer) that the Bethesda Gamescom blog announcement included a Starfield gameplay teaser. "Come see Redfall and Starfield gameplay and get your hands on Fallout 76 while you're there," read the announcement advertising a Community Get Together on Friday, August 26. The blog has since been scrubbed to remove any mention of Redfall and Starfield, and now only says there will be "a few surprises and goodies in store for you."

It would be a big surprise to show Starfield gameplay after removing it from the announcement, but that seems like a longshot. The most of Starfield we can expect is a photo booth featuring a life-sized version of VASCO, your in-game robot companion.

While Bethesda seems like it’ll be a little content light at Gamescom, Xbox will bring a bevy of games with it to Cologne. First-party titles include Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, Pentiment, and Age of Empires IV, while third-party booths will include A Plague Tale: Requiem, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gunfire Reborn, Inulinati, Last Case of Benedict Fox, Lies of P, Lightyear Frontier, Planet of Lana, and You Suck at Parking.

Xbox plans to host a livestream on Thursday, August 25 from 8 AM to 2 PM ET where it’ll show off some High on Life gameplay, which was just recently delayed to December.

We might also get to see more of Hideo Kojima’s partnership with Xbox at Gamescom too. Kojima teased on Twitter a potential Gamescom announcement after saying he had "tentatively finished editing" something. Fans think it could be a trailer for either Death Stranding 2 or Overdose, a rumored cloud-based horror game being made for Xbox. Considering Death Stranding comes to PC Game Pass on August 23, the timing seems right for a big Kojima and Xbox announcement.

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Totally getting pushed back for another year


well ya its getting pushed back

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