Battlefield 2042 Might Receive An Armored Vehicle In Future Seasons

According to a recent leak by dataminers, they have found an armored vehicle inside the unreleased content for Battlefield 2042, which might still be a part of the plan for the game’s post-launch updates.

It’s been nearly 9 months since the launch of Battlefield 2042, and DICE has only launched one season of post-launch content for the game so far. That being said, Battlefield 2042 is improving over time, and players are much happier with the game’s current state rather than in the first few months of its launch.

The first season of the game delivered a number of unreleased guns that had been already leaked by dataminers, however, there is still some content that remains unreleased.

Back in February 2022, a dataminer shared a list of unreleased content for Battlefield 2042, including an item called CBR-Scout, which was assumed to be a weapon at the time, but recently the dataminer discovered that it is actually a codename for an unreleased armored vehicle. The real name of the vehicle is believed to be Panhard Crab.

Now, it remains unknown whether DICE is still eager to launch Panhard Crab in the future or if it is just another scrapped plan for Battlefield 2042., but fans will definitely be happy about more new content coming to the game as soon as possible.

During Season 1, DICE added a new map and reworked the Kaleidoscope. The developer also delivered a new Specialist and a number of new guns as well as a Battle Pass system. However, all that wasn’t enough to keep players engaged with the game. Although Battlefield 2042 managed to reach over 10,000 concurrent players on Steam in the first few days of Season 1, the number soon dropped to around 4,000 concurrent players.

According to the unofficial information provided by leakers and insiders, Electronic Arts has already started the production of the next Battlefield as the current entry of the series doesn’t seem to reach any big achievement for the publisher in the long run.

It’s yet to be seen how long DICE will continue to support the game with new content, but they already revealed that they would not support Hazard Zone anymore after Season 1.

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