Xbox Game Pass To Add Two Point Campus And More

As per usual, Xbox has dropped a blog post in which they reveal the latest games that will be added to their booming Game Pass service. All games will become available sometime between today (August 2) and August 11. Most of the following titles will be added on both consoles and PC, but three of the seven upcoming titles will only be on PC.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be the first game added to the service, in fact, it’s available currently. This is the 2017 iteration of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, developed by Ubisoft. Wildlands was followed by Breakpoint in 2019, however, many fans still appreciate Wildlands due to certain smoother features like vehicle handling. The game allows you to explore a cartel-run Bolivia with up to three friends in an open world.

Two Point Campus is the game in question that will drop day one on Game Pass on August 9. The title is a follow-up to the well-received Two Point Hospital released in 2018, and like its predecessor, it’s a management sim where you run an institution (a university in this case) and build its structures, hire its staff, and manage its finances. One of the enjoyable aspects of the Two Point games is that they relinquish realism for wackiness that will provide some light-hearted entertainment to offset your management woes; for example, an extra-curricular club for power-napping that lets students sleep as they walk to their class.

A more traditional simulator is Cooking Simulator, set to be added to Game Pass on August 11. Released in 2019, this game’s realism is its selling point, with polished, realistic kitchens equipped with many kinds of utensils and appliances. Indeed, gameplay occurs through a first-person perspective and involves a lot of accurate portion measurements and realistic physics that will result in you making a big mess if you’re not careful.

Turbo Golf Racing boosts onto the service on August 4, and though it’s available for both consoles and PC, it will only be playable for Xbox Series consoles, meaning Xbox One players will miss out. Much like another car-based sports game you may have heard of, Turbo Golf Racing lets players boost, flip and jump around. However, in this game, they’ll be playing golf. The game first dropped in the form of an early access beta back in April is now its full release is going on Game Pass.

The three games coming to Game Pass that will be PC-exclusive on the platform are Shenzhen I/O which is coming on August 4, and both Expeditions: Rome and Offworld Trading Company, which are arriving on August 11.

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They can addd whatever they want, I'm not going to waste my time


Oo I was actually looking into Two Point Campus nice !


game pass went crazy last time I had it / an xbox

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