Halo Infinite Leak Suggests The DMR May Be Coming

While Halo Infinite has had a non-insignificant number of leaks over the past few weeks, most of them suggesting some rather exciting additions to the game, such as the notion that there are big campaign DLCs coming in the not-so-near future. Most of these rumors are yet unconfirmed, yet seem reasonable enough to be real.

The latest in this series of Halo Infinite leaks might not be quite as game-changing as a whole new campaign expansion pack, but it's an exciting throwback for fans of the franchise. Namely, several sources have now suggested that the legendary M392 DMR could soon be making its appearance in Infinite, in a potentially altered form.

This information is, unlike the big Halo Infinite campaign DLC leak, actually corroborated in several instances, giving it significantly better credibility compared to most other leaks. Specifically, not only was a model of the DMR spotted in the game's Academy game mode, but it's already been referenced in some of Infinite's leaked scripts as "M392 Bandit." Further, some of Iratus AI's leaked voice lines specifically refer to a so-called 'Bandit' rifle, which further underlines the weapon's apparent backend development.

Keeping the above in mind, it's also worth pointing out that many of the featured references to the M392 DMR are leaked via Halo Infinite's alleged "Tatanka" battle royale scripts, as pinpointed by the leaks_infinite Twitter account. The absence of a proper DMR weapon in Halo Infinite was noted as a curiosity upon the game's launch, and though this specific combat niche has been more-or-less filled out with the introduction of the legacy VK78 Commando rifle, the weapon still operates differently compared to the IP's classic DMR.

Fans have been saying that Halo Infinite should reintroduce classic franchise weapons ever since the game launched. It's clear enough why some old classics may have been left out, of course, as 343 Industries likely wanted to revitalize an arsenal of armaments that had more-or-less stayed the same for almost two decades at that point. Now that new weapons had been given a chance to shine, however, the developer might be more open to the idea.

There's no official announcement of the M392 Bandit just yet, but it may make an appearance as part of the upcoming Halo Infinite Forge Mode yet. Otherwise, if the Tatanka battle royale ever comes out, it seems like the Bandit may be prominently featured there. For more information on that, however, Infinite fans will need to wait and see for the time being.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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