Steam Deck's refresh rate can now be adjusted on the fly

When the Steam Deck(opens in new tab) released earlier this year, we were impressed by Valve's portable gaming PC hybrid. That being said, whenever new hardware is released one of the biggest hurdles can be continued support. Valve have been pretty on top of this for the Steam Deck, releasing fixes for fans, and constantly adding more verified games to the system(opens in new tab), and those helpful little tweaks keep coming.

The latest SteamOS 3.2 update(opens in new tab) includes a new feature that allows Steam Deck owners to adjust the refresh rate on the fly. Games are typically set at 60Hz on the Steam Deck but this new feature gives players the ability to adjust this incrementally, with limits at 40, 20, and 10fps.

This is a particularly useful feature in a portable console because people can choose whether to sacrifice frame rates in order to save battery life. Having these incremental options gives people the opportunity to really dial those settings on the fly for whatever their preference happens to be depending on the game they're playing.

It looks like it will also integrate with the per-game performance settings(opens in new tab) that were introduced recently. Both of these working together should really let users squeeze a bit more battery out of their decks for long trips, which will only make this little machine an even better travel buddy.

Another note in the 3.2 release regards the Steam Deck's fans. They were pretty loud at release(opens in new tab) and Valve has been making efforts to tone these bad boys down. This new update features the latest efforts in an OS controlled fan curve(opens in new tab). Valve claims it's much quieter, especially in low use situations but users can switch back to a bios controlled fan in the system settings.

In other exciting news outside of the update, Valve also announced that Remote Play Together(opens in new tab) is now fully functional on Steam Deck. Now friends can remotely join you on your Steam Deck gaming adventures, or you can use your Steam Deck to join them, so long as those games support the feature.

At this rate we're bound to see more features and fixes coming to the Steam Deck soon. Hopefully we'll also see stock improvements so more users can take advantage of these updates. Or perhaps we'll just have to wait for the Steam Deck 2(opens in new tab).

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It's always a good thing to adjust stuff on the fly. well done peeps


Definitely a good thing now that you can refresh it on the fly.

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